Apps not functioning

Does anybody use Joplin notes. It fails to work on my Samsung Galaxy S7. I have reinstalled several times.

Also SIM tool kit does not work - not sure what this does!

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From which souces do you have installed ??

Have you used ??

Don’t know, I have installed from Apps, searching for Joplin and then installing. The SIM Toolkit is pre-installed - error message is Bliss Launcher has stopped working.

Please use f-droid. I have installed it for testing before I have answered first time. The f-droid version works on my eOS-pie with the shown Nextcloud address.

is only working with some phone (SIM) providers as far as I know

Thanks, I have not used f-droid before, but will give it a go

I too have issues with Joplin on Samsung S7. I installed the app from Apps and Aurora. App just crashes. Was not able to find the Joplin app in F-droid. Have tried the IzzyOnDroid apk as suggested in another thread. However, same issue.

Any other suggestion? Thanks a lot in advance.

I changed to SimpleNotes. It is not as sophisticated as Joplin, but it does import/export notes, designates tags to notes, has a good search facility, has a desktop app (Linux, Windows, Mac) and syncs automatically with your own free SimpleNotes web account, so you can access your notes on any device or via a web browser.

Try carnet from f-droid. You csn sync with ecloud.

Yes, Carnet is great and handy. But you can’t read/see your notes in - only on your phone. Carnet works best with your own private NextCloud instance (the better decision in my opinion).

@frank.bxl in case you wana comment on what I just wrote: Using QuickNote - #9 by cedricoola
Interesting that QuickNote/Carnet works better on a privately hosted Nexcloud than on the ecloud Nextcloud. I don’t see why it would be so. Maybe Murena can do something here.

@steveredshaw are you still happy with Simplenote (, correct?)? Doesn’t it cost 19$/mth? Can you also log into your Simplenote account in a browser and edit/read your notes from there?

Yes, still use Simplenote and very happy with it - notes, reminders, lists etc on all my devices. I’ve not come across any subscription cost (UK).