Arch Linux does not recognise my device when in the downloaded mode

I’m on Arch Linux, using KDE. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy J7(J7ltespr). When i’m in downloaded mode and connect the phone to my device, my PC doesn’t recognize the phone. When I do

adb devices

nothing pops up. I’ve enabled OEM unlock AND USB debugging. I don’t really know what’s the problem, though one thing I’m bit suspicious about is that the USB cable that I’m using isn’t the original one(that one is long gone) but rather a cable I’m using from another(VIVO) phone. But I don’t think that’s the problem as when I connect the USB cable when I’m NOT in downloaded mode, my PC recognizes it just fine.

Hi @pigeon welcome to the forum.

Please can you switch the phone to Recovery mode and try again. But I think our supported device is

Galaxy J7 - “j7elte” - but it is seen in

Know your hardware - Samsung

Not sure if this might be relevant but do you have both of the following packages installed on your Arch system?


Unfortunately the J7ltespr is not supported on /e/OS

That is the model I got on TWRP, so I assumed that is my model. Regardless, isn’t the downloaded mode recovery mode?

No, I do not have them installed. I’ll install them and try them out later since its early morning where I live. Thanks for the reply!

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I’m not quite sure that, that model is my model. the official TWRP app showed that.


No, not at all. For example, recovery mode acces needs to press Power + Home + Vol-Up a looooong time, for my a3y2017…

Furthermore , Samsung devices need special protocols.
You can get an idea of this reading:

PS: I had to use a windows PC to first treblelize my non-supported device, cause with all needed dependencies inboard I couldn’t from my Debian :frowning:

When you are in Recovery mode, you should be able to read/confirm your device code [j7elte or j7eltespr] in very small print there.

So I went in to the recovery mode and…


Got me there! This is the most trustworthy link that mentions those two codes in one breath; [ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 for the Galaxy J7 2015 (j7elte, j7e3g) | XDA Forums. I have not read it fully yet.

There is another source for the Samsung model, the regional variants are sometimes very faint indeed on the back of the case. Our supported variants are all SM-J700… as at the foot of Info about Samsung Galaxy J7 (Exynos) - j7elte