Automatic call recording similar to Crdroid

I have used Crdroid for quite some time and have got used to having automatic call recording as an option which can be set by pressing the 3 dots in the phone app and then under settings, sounds vibrations, and then at the bottom of that menu ‘auto call recording’

This option is not available on /E/os

It would make /E/os not just great, it would make it perfect if this option could be included in /E/os as it is in Crdroid.

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This is a screenshot of from Crdroid which is virtually the same as in ‘E’ os but notice it has the option to automatically record calls.

Please DEV’s can we have this option in ‘E’

Do you by chance know the package name of the crdroid dialer app

Hi, Thank you for responding, as far as I know it’s just a modified

I have a phone (Galaxy Note 3) which still has Crdroid installed on it, so if there is anything specific you would like me to check or look at, then I would be happy to do that.

I am waiting to respond to this thread but as of, yet, I have not been registered.

I have also made another comment here which you could quote if you want to.

If you wanted to, you could mention this thread as well.

Cool. I wanted to inspect the difference between in the builds. If you could make a backup of the crdroid dialer and file host it, id appreciate it.

I had to root and install SKVALEX Call Recorder for recordings. There is a magisk module of it available on the magisk modules github.

You may be able to install it using adb root, but I did not attempt doing so.

Tried to open the dialer settings page on my phone and it is always ending the dialer app. Seems to be a bug. Other settings do work.
S10e with /e/OS 1.21.

Without the need of root permission, “Call Recorder” app from “F-droid” can do the Job ! …

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