Axon7 assert failed: axon7.verify_trustzone("TZ.BF.4.0.1-00315") == 1

You can find repositories of most of the system apps here:

Yes. Mail is based on K9.

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I have exactly the same problem as kro: first I have the assert failed on the trustzone. When I remove that, the rom flashes (exit code 1) but phone does not boot (after ZTE logo, no ‘e’ with bouncing dot appears, screen goes black). I tried the 202012 and 202010 zip files but both had the same result. Has anyone found a solution for this? I am using the recommended twrp (twrp-3.2.3-0-axon7img).

I can flash other roms (such as my old AOSPExtended that I used to have on my Axon 7), but not /e/.

Wow, haven’t seen you in a looong time. Feels like ages since I’ve been on the XDA Axon threads.

You’ve been doing the custom ROM on Axon thing as long as me so I won’t ask if you’ve removed only the assert lines and nothing more, as @resurrected21 showed. Not sure what else could be the problem at the moment. I take it you’re using a Nougat compatible bootstack? If AEX N works for you then I figure that’s the case. Not sure but I think I’m on B32(?).

Been running /e/OS on the Axon since v0.1 along with AospExtended (still multibooting, stock ROM as primary). Working great but since it’s not a primary ROM I couldn’t say how it would behave normally.

As far as TWRP goes, still using NFound’s TWRP Exclusive 3.2.1-7. If it’s still available maybe give that one a try if you think it might make a difference. Besides, the extra features under the Advanced -> More menu may come in handy.

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Wow indeed. The world is a small place. Thank you very much for your reply.

The bootstack could be the problem. I believe I was on O. I have tried with 3 different TWRPs, including the NFound one you mention.

I had not been using my A7 much and had moved to Pocofone 1 which is still my daily driver. I wanted to test /e/ on my A7 to decide whether to make it my daily driver on the Pocofone 1 and also to start using my A7 as a test device for Android software I am developing.
I did notice how good the sound is on A7 compared to the other phones I have.

So, I will try with an N bootstack and report back.

EDIT: question: I moved to project Treble ROMs. Could that be the reason?

Thanks again.

Also, best wishes for the season and for 2021 - hope you and your family have been healthy in these very special times.

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