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I have a samsung S10E model number SM-G970F/DS. Before installing /e/ recovery and /e/Os, I would like to backup the recovery partition. I saw several methods using su or another with fastboot to load custom recovery without installing it.

I wasn’t able to achieve both, su is not installed and I don’t want to root my device either. For fastboot, if I am right, samsung doesn’t use it but instead uses download mode.

There is a way to backup the stock recovery before flashing with the /e/ ?

Also I wonder if I can install /e/ without installing /e/ recovery. For me it is possible because of the download mode and the OEM unlock, you can use adb sideload to push /e/Os rom. What are the downside if I do this ?

Thank you for your help.

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Backup the /recovery partition have no interrest, you can find it included into your device firmware (files easily available through samsung’s fan sites).
For exemple

Your /data partition is were your installed apps and preferences are stored, it can be usefull to backup /data partition. TWRP could do this.

The internal storage (also called /data/sdcard) is the special part of /data that you are used to acces via files-manager. It contains your stored documents and some app needed files.
You can copy it without special tools. (but it is not included in a TWRP backup).

You can install /e/ without installing the recovery-e, but any other custom recovery manager as i prefer to use TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project)

Do you plan to use LinuxOS MacOS or. WindowsOS for the installation ?

Hi Piero,

Thank you for your answers.

I have 2 use cases where I need to backup stock recovery :

  1. You return the product to warranty because of hardware issue. With a custom recovery and back to official ROM, I had once a denial of warranty because I change software.
  2. If I want to resell the device, people are afraid of software change.

I thought that the device firmware are only custom ROM, so I will try to find one. But I am curious to know how people can provide those files ?

My question about installing /e/ without installing the e-recovery is more a question if I keep the stock recovery and I do not install any custom recovery.

For installation I use linux. Everything is ready on my PC and the guide is very well written, so it will be easy to do :grinning:

You need a custom recovery to install /e/.

/e/ will replace the /system partition only and you will have to format /data partition. (why a backup can be wanted).

Restore back to stock Samsung OS is possible using linux “Heimdall” even easier using windows “Odin”

Hi @liochan you will find some fairly entry grade information on the general subject and sources of Stock ROMs (I know no official Samsung ROMs published openly) are in

Samsung have a way to protect themselves and to make evidence to help them deny responsibility in the event of use of any custom software.

If you turn to the Download screen of a Samsung you will find the item


  • 0 (or variant of zero) is no Void, warranty intact.
  • 1 (or variant of one) is effectively “Your warranty is void”

This will change (from 0 -1) the moment you change away from official Samsung firmware.

Change back to stock ROM the phone will behave as original, except for this “hidden” detail.

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Thank you for your answers @Piero and @aibd. I can install /e/ with a deeper understanding of android/samsung ecosystem.

@piero with the stock recovery you can also reset /data. You can reboot in download mode and install the /e/ ROM with adb directly. I have done research tonight and I have found out that the stock recovery will not boot custom ROM because the signatures will failed. And it is for this reason you need a custom recovery.

@aibd what an awesome documentation you give to us. Thank you very much :bowing_man:

I read it and I will do it more than twice !

To give you more details, I bought only refurbished phones. So it is not samsung that denied the warranty, but the vendor on market place.

The research of the firmware by IMEI ( is so precious in my case. I found out that my phones is a model sold in Italia (I bought it in France). I can download the firmware in case I need to reinstall both stock recovery and rom.


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