Banking app added, but not working


I really appreciate the efforts of /e/OS and this forum.

My banking app DH Denarnik for NFC payments is added to AStore, but not working for me and my colegue, who both have Fairphones. After downloading it says the environment is not safe. I wrote to the bank, but am doubtful they will do anything. Their normal bank app DH Mobilni is working. What can I do?

PS: I tried to sign-in into GiTLab, but no success.

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Hello Jana,

Maybe you can check here if your banking app works on /e/OS

Or maybe your phone do not passe the SafetyNet test ?

Settings ↦ System ↦ MicroG ↦ Google SafetyNet ↦ Test SafetyNet attestation

Thank you Nicolas, but it does pass the SafetyNet, I’ve tested it. It’s a new FP4.

The banking apps list is incomplete, it shows no apps for Slovenia, although we do have them, I am using DH Mobilni, which works on /e/OS. But their other app DH Denarnik doesn’t.

If someone has another solution, please suggest.

Do you have the advanced privacy turn on ?

In that case I can suggest you to turn of the “hide my IP” feature. And maybe turn off for this specific app the “tracker blocker” feature.

You can try this but I’m not convinced 100% :confused: