Battery drain on Moto Z2 albus


after installing /e/ os on Moto Z2 play (albus), I’m noticing a huge battery drain compared to the stock rom:

  • with the stock rom, it would take more than 10 days to completely drain the battery in airplane mode and nothing running (no bluetooth, no wifi, no nfc, no location).
  • with the latest available /e/ installed on the device (e-0.16-o-2021), the battery drops by 15% in just one night / 8 hours in airplane mode and nothing running (no bluetooth, no wifi, no nfc, no location).

Is there any setting available to improve the battery consumption and/or app that would help ?

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by using adb bugreport and feeding the file to a locally running docker image / web service called battery-historian you can get pretty far in isolating probable causes. The visualization of the drain decline helps alot.

com.asksven.betterbatterystats is an on-device app that can help to some degree and show the stats in text form for users unable to use adb+docker.

I’m at Moto battery drain comparison helping a Moto G4 Play user and basically myself, as I have drain issues on a FP3.

Look for apps holding “partial wakelocks” and keeping the device from deep sleep / full doze. Check the difference turning off Wifi / mobile data makes in the changing rate of charge (steeper declines). It’s possible there is not only one cause.

(I’d love to somehow assemble “battery drain baselines” for devices for users to compare (between versions and devices). But it would need to happen with default apps. Individual settings and device external factors as bad radio signals change measurement reproducibility though)

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Thanks for these insights.
I uninstalled the few apps I had installed and the battery drain was similar.
so I installed BBS and left the phone in airplane mode and no app running / no bluetooth / no wifi / no nfc / no location during one night / 10 hours and the graph clearly shows the battery drain falling by 15%
The summary indicates :

  • deep sleep : 0%
  • awake (screen off): 99%
  • screen on : 1% (5mn)
  • doze idle mode time : 98 %

The wakelock graph shows that some wakelock are regularly triggered during the period.
no partial wakelock are triggered.
some kernel wakelock are triggered:

  • qpnp_fg_memaccess : 5%, 28mn
  • qpnp_fg_update_sram : 3%, 18mn
  • qpnp_fg_update_temp : 2%, 11mn
  • powermanagerservice.wakelocks: 1.6%, 9.5mn
  • smbchg_wake : 1.5%, 8mn

Also, the CPUs are always active :
652MHz : 78%
2.2 Ghz : 19%

in terms of process, the most active ones are:
/init : 35%, 11h36mn
logd : 4%, 55mn

The sensors are pretty active too: 58%, 5h51mn

Why is it that the phone doesn’t enter into “deep sleep” ?

  • yes, 15% during (7-8 hours of human sleep) is… 2% - that’s too much, I think if you fall below <1%/hour it is tolerable.
  • kernel wakelock seems benign, not the cause… you’re looking for something that has a high percentage part… the battery-historian graph is just so useful. Can you select the screen-off period in BBS partial-wakelocks? it’s scoped to different categories, not obvious at first what one hast to choose in the dropdown
  • init is just the parent process of everything/services, you won’t be able to derive much from this, logd is benign

Yes, why doesn’t it go into deep sleep. If you can’t use battery-historian, beside

  • BetterBatteryStats from F-Droid there’s
  • GSam Battery Monitor and
  • AccuBattery from the Play store

And androids own battery usage graph with “show system processes” to maybe get an idea in another way.

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