Becoming a distributor?


I’m not a developer but I am a privacy advocate/activist and want to get hands on an /e/ phone that works in the USA. Last time I checked there was no distribution in the US. I’d like to also look into being a dealer, if possible as well. As I said I am not writing code, but I can certainly learn to flash ROM’s on bare hardware, if there is a solidly tested image+hardware combination that is ready to go in this market.


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Hi @smartass the US is indeed a geographical location where we are actively looking for partners. You can contact the team by sending a mail on one of the ID’s given here
I will also pass on your details to the relevant /e/ team members

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Hello @smartass,
do things which you believe to be correct and necessary in the way you want to do them.

Tip #1: Pick out the devices supported by /e/ OS 9-pie Especially devices with /e/ OS 7-nougart have no future. /e/ have a long list of devices which /e/ want to stop official support.

Tip #2: The North American market is very often supplied by device manufacturers with non /e/ compatible Samrtphones, e. g. Samsung model family S7, S8, S9 with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset instead of Samsung Exyno chipset. Also the bootloader is often permanently disabled. This means that you must pay close attention to the model name.

Tags: Samsung Galaxy S7 · S8 · S9 (USA)

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you could install it yourself in an unlocked phone like I did. /e/ works great on my t mobile network in the US.

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I was under the impression that there aren’t any phones yet with a chipset that works in the US. What model phone was that which you used? I will get one. Thanks.

i am using the plus one 7 pro but it should work on any of the other phones on the list.

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Motorola, xiaomi, oneplus…
i think the Galaxy s5 is universally supported, but be careful with others Samsung, better buy models F on european eBay

Hi @Manoj. I’ve dropped a couple of emails through to as I am interested in becoming a partner in Australia. I haven’t had any response yet, can you please give someone a poke?
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Hi Tim,
Thanks for your interest in working with /e/. The last time I checked we were actively looking out for partners in Australia. My apologies let me check why there has been no response to the emails.


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Hi, I am US-based, and I would be very interested in distributing /e/ phones. If this could be a possibility please DM me!

Hi @donut3 you can send a mail to with details of what , where and how you propose to work with /e/. The team can respond to you better on this.

Thanks Manoj. I’m looking forward to hearing from someone in the partner team.

Kind regards,

Tim Carter

Hi Tim ,
I saw your post on telegram yesterday as well. Let me check what is happening here and get back to you.