Beginner Installing /e/ OS in Nokia G21 for someone who has never installed custom ROMs

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

I have a Nokia G21 and I dislike the stock Android 11 experience that it comes with. I’m looking to use /e/ OS to customize it to my liking and need someone to point me in the right direction. I have no data on the phone other than it being signed in to my Google account, it’s not syncing any data from other devices. I have some requirements that need to be fulfilled, else I won’t be able to use /e/ OS because of my work and other needs.

  • Backup the current Android version so that I can switch back to it when needed.
  • SBI YONO banking app to function.
  • Dual/Clone Apps feature where there can be two WhatsApp instances running simultaneously but with different phone numbers.

Phone product page →

As I don’t have any data on the phone, I’m fine if I have to install Android 11 freshly, but I NEED TO BE ABLE TO SWITCH BACK if it doesn’t work out.

For the banking app support and the dual/clone app feature, if it doesn’t exist yet, please provide a link where I can request for those. I’m okay if I have to wait for a while for those two.

From what I’ve seen in the documents, it looks like Android 11 might not be supported for flashing /e/ OS in the device. But I’ve never flashed any custom ROMs in any phones, so I might be wrong. However, if I’m not wrong, please provide a link where I request for my device.

Thank you.

@tukykarmakar This phone was just released this year. Most of the time it takes developers around a year or so to make a custom ROM for devices as it takes a lot of time. So if you want to keep your phone, then you will have to be patient. You can also trade in your phone for another which is listed already supported by /e/OS, to include the easy installer, or just buy a phone right from /e/.

Easy Installer for Beginners…

Find a supported Device

Shop for Phones

Nokia G21 development

Hello, thanks for the reply.

I have no problem in waiting. I needed a new phone which had Android 9 or above just because my banking app decided not to support Android 7 any more. Otherwise, my old phone is still going strong.

I was in fact interested in buying Fairphone and Framework laptops for personal use, but they are not available in my country India. Buying from sites like eBay is not a good option because of price markups and scams.

Seriously though, they are missing out on a huge market. India is huge on repairing electronics as it’s more affordable, especially for students. Maybe take a page out of Chromebooks and reach out to schools and colleges? They don’t need the highest of the specifications, just something to get their work done. And when they experience the repairability, they will be drawn to it.

I hope we can see these user-focused projects in India soon.

At this time, in your case (unsupported device : GSI) android 10 is a requirement

I would suggest getting a Google Pixel, up the the Pixel 5a. Those should be available in India. You can flash /e/OS on a Pixel and you will be all set. Again, just a suggestion.

Thanks @piero, I think I can follow along with those steps, but I need to make sure that I don’t brick my phone. Is there any documentation showing how to backup the current OS and how to install it to the device again later?

Hi @Seven, thanks for the suggestion. Yes, Pixel phones are available in India. But they are double or triple the price of G21 and lacking the features that I need and want, instead it’s loaded with features that I will never use.

@tukykarmakar Ok. You are welcome. It was just a thought. In the end you have to go with what’s best for you :sunglasses:

Smartphone Selector, 269 supported models with dedicated builds, you must find some of them in India !

In France i can find old Samsung for less than 50€, sometimes for 20€ (2 hours of work) from individual peoples. When a new one cost between 400€ or 1000€.
In an other hands, we know that the industry send tons of old devices to India for recycling…

I would totally have bought one of those phones, but one of my requirements was Android 9+ because of some of my important apps stopping support for 7 and 8. Maybe I can keep my Nokia with stock Android and see if my old phone can get /e/OS.

My old phone is an Oppo A83 and I would totally go ahead with flashing /e/OS on it, if I can find some concrete way to revert back to the current state the phone is in. Data is all backed up but I don’t wanna brick my phone.

To go back … you are looking for the method to re-flash the manufacturer’s or “Stock” ROM.

I am not familiar with the device, but this might be a starting point which you could try

A search also turned up

In a very quick search I did not see a reference to a stock ROM, but maybe following through one or two threads you will become more familiar with things.

That sorts out how to go back, but as an unsupported device it is still an unknown whether GSI would even be a possibility on this originally Android 7.1 device.

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