Best Privacy-Focused, security Magisk module

Hi all . I would like to know the opinion of the community about privacy oriented Magisk modules.

For example module Mulch SystemWebView -

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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There are very few modules related to privacy. Couple of WebView installers, some AdGuard DNS modules, one or two other items. Nothing really to choose for making a list. :slight_smile:
There are far more apps or even LSPosed modules covering that.

Hello . Thank you very much for your reply. Please tell me how to use this module in the context of our topic, can you give an example?

The installation instructions are included at the link you provided.
I use Riru but it’s considered deprecated.

So I guess…

  1. Enable Zygisk in Magisk. Reboot.
  2. Download and then install (from within Magisk Manager) Reboot.
  3. Run LSPosed Manager.
    If you do not see the app in your launcher you can find it at /data/adb/lspd/manager.apk. Install it from there. If that fails copy it to your download directory first.

I am not really familar with any privacy-related modules other than XPrivacyLua. Search the forums for prior discussions about it.

Other notes:
If you add IzzyOnDroid repo to your F-Droid client you will find that quite a number of LSPosed modules are available that way.

Might want to install Androidacy Module Manager for searching and installing Magisk modules.

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Ah, just found this thread you may find useful.

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