Bluetooth do not reconnect headphones

I seldom use BT headphones, so it could be that my assumptions are wrong.

I connect the BT headphones in the morning, then at night I turn off the BT headphones.

I expected that the next morning, the phone would “remember” the BT headphones (which has been turned on, of course) and connect automatically.

But this do not happen and it’s necessary to reconnect it again.

Is that expected ?

Samsung s8

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What OS version do you have?

I had a lot of problems reconnecting my B&O head phones and keeping an established connection for more than a few seconds. But I must say all these problems are gone since 1.12 (or 1.11, can’t remember). In the very most cases it works now as I would expect it.

Please do not post information regarding Test builds on the forum. This has been mentioned multiple times and a screenshot with reason as to why is posted below for reference.


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