Bluetooth on Fairphone 5 is buggy

Bluetooth on the Fairphone 5 is very weak. A connect is difficult to establish. Devices are rarely recognized.

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Came to add that when my FP5 connects to my sony wh1000 xm3 and tries to use LDAC I get no sound at all. Then when i switch to device sound it comes out of my FP5 speakers louder than usual and if i switch back to bluetooth again it continues to come put of my phone speakers.

If i turn off LDAC in bluetooth settings then it works perfectly fine.

Not sure what the issue is as these headphones work perfectly well with eOS on my oneplus 5t.

Did you both buy your Fairphone 5s directly from Murena?
(In which case it would be interesting that they arrived, and you could contact Murena Support.)

Which /e/OS version is installed?
Please refer to [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

I don’t have a Fairphone 5, but there should be some more Bluetooth settings regarding codecs and such available in the Developer options.
(Tap on the Build number in Settings - About phone a few times until you are being declared a developer, then have a look in Settings - System - Developer options, section Networking.)

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I buy a FP5 directly from murena with 13 T. I will contact the support.

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