BQ Aquaris X2 installation

Good evening.

I try to install e. on a BQ Aquaris X2 which only starts with LinageOS recovery or BQ Fastboot.
I downloaded the DEV offered but to be able to install e. on this phone I would nood the img files.
When I try to install via LineageOS Recovery it stops with an error.

Any suggestions here?


I was able now to install LineageOS 16 (Android9)

Question now, is it possible to install e.OS now?
If so …how?

Thanks a lot

Hi Thorsten,

Won’t the install doc (including TWRP) work ?

As this did not work before I put Lineage I did not try.

Are there obsticles when moving from Lineage to /e/ ?

Thanks Thorsten

Normally no … But zero BQ devices knowledge here :frowning:

Maybe some help here ?