Buying apps: How to connect my smartphone to my google account?

I own an refurbished murena Samsung Galaxy S9 and have some issue with the App Lounge.

I want to by an app in the app lounge. But when I want to pay I get the message “Dieses Google-Konto ist noch nicht mit einem Gerät verknüpft. Bitte öffne die Play Store App auf deinem Gerät, bevor du die App installierst”. (this google account is not yet connected to any device. Please open the play store app on your device before installing the app).

But there ist no play store app on a murena phone. How to solve this problem?

If you have a google account you can use AuroraOSS with your google credentials to get the apps you bought in Google Play

there’s no substitute yet - if you happen to have another device connected to your Google account you can use it to buy apps and get them through Aurora as prior poster said

some Apps can be bought directly though - Can't buy apps from Google Store - #2 by tcecyk

Hi! :wave:
Bouncing off this topic, I have the same issue, with a little tweak. I know there are many threads on the matter on the Community Forum, but I haven’t found any case similar to the one I have encountered, so I’m sharing it here!

I use a Fairphone 4 with e/os/ and have never bought nor had Android apps before.
When I started using e/os/ and Aurora Store, I have connected my Google Account to buy a few apps, and it worked! It happens that on my desktop Google Play account, Google has recognized that I had a Fairphone 4 and I have thus been able to buy apps from Google Play on my computer, and then download them on Aurora using my Google Login. I could see my apps list on Google Play, and I have even received a newsletter today from Google Play Store.

However, for some reason (e/os/ update? Google policy update?), Google does not recognize any smartphone connected to my Google account anymore, and I cannot buy any apps… (It now says “You don’t have any device.”, while it used to say "Install on Fairphone 4, see screenshot.)

I’ve tried to tweak all the settings I could find on e/os/: profile and MicroG settings, uninstalled and reinstalled Aurora and my Google account, logged in and out of my computer account, etc., but nothing helped. (Also, when I used to click on “Play Store” on Aurora, it would open a browser page on the Play Store, while it now opens the app in the App Lounge.)

I can’t understand why it worked before, and stopped working for some reason without being able to reconnect my Fairphone to my Google Account so that it can allow me to buy apps and then download them through Aurora!

Any clue?

Any ideas and support will be more than welcome! :hugs:
— Phil

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I mentioned this elsewhere and it is mostly an assumption but…

A long time ago when this discussion came up and I went to the Play Store web, it showed four or five of my devices.
Recently Google only showed two devices. Those devices both run microG-based ROMs that also have Play Store installed.

The devices that once were listed have not had the Play Store in a long time. This leads me to believe that there is some kind of “inactivity” limit. Something along the lines of “We have seen no communication from Play Store for X months. Device probably no longer in service.”

To semi confirm.
Just obtained another Essential PH-1. Never logged into Google or ran apps other than Settings. OTA updated to the last firmware and then immediately flashed LOS and MinMicroG w/Play Store.
Going to Play Store web I see the device has been added to the list.

But seriously I have yet to confirm this suspicion. My searches are coming up short. Mostly info about removing devices or fixing Play Store.
Though I did find a few hits with tips to manually add a device to Google.
This one for instance…

5 Simple Fixes for Common Google Play Store Problems

Not necessarily something I’d consider doing unless all devices disappeared. Article is a bit dated.

Normally on a GApps system adding a G account is all that’s needed. But for us, adding a G account in the ROM doesn’t (seem to) add the device to the Play account. Which is a good thing, maybe.

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Hello @marcdw!

Thank you for your detailed answer and links!
Unfortunately, none of the solutions mentioned in the article worked.

The paradox is that even the last one—manual registration with the Device ID—doesn’t work because my device is already recognized. In fact, when I connect to my Google Account, it asks me to says “Yes” to a notification that is meant to appear on my Fairphone… but never appears (meaning it has recognized it)! I guess /e/os/ blocks outgoing connections and messes up Google’s identification in some cases (and not others).

I ended up asking a friend if I could use her Google account, so I ended up being able to buy the app. I don’t know how it is going to work with updates though…

I’ve seen a lot of questions regarding this issue. I wish the /e/os/ team will bring some updates and clarifications on it! (I had hoped the new update could change something and had uninstalled Aurora before updating, then reinstalled it again, but nothing changed.)
Let me know if you think of any other workaround in the future!