Calendar data lost after updating FP3+ from 1.14s to 1.15s

I updated my Fairphone 3+ (unrooted) from 1.14s to 1.15-s-20223091330639-stable-FP3 (via update interface in settings).
Now i have lost all the calendar data. This time i also can’t make new appointments in the calendar. If i make a new appointment it does not show up.
(Besides that, there are now other problems like not being able to charge the battery, but that will be shortly in another thread).
On the last couple updates didn’t have any problems with losing data.
I used the standard calendar app only locally.

Since my main reason to swap to e/OS/ was not liking Google and Apple, not interest in IT, i am not familiar with 95% of what i’ve read on here yet. Thanks for any help!

I’ll check if this is still true for Etar, but as most data resides in sqlite databases, if you manage to boot twrp you’ll be able to fetch them and extract the events - Lost local calendar after solving sync - #2 by harmodio … I think you’ll need to check into Etar / calendars datadir for the sqlite db.

The issue of loosing local calendar data isn’t yet in the backlog, but I think I’d read something to this extent in the forum -[]=%2Fe%2FOS%20Calendar

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