Callers always "Unknown"

Every single call I get in a “normal” phone way has the caller declared as “Unknown”. I am using the usual telephony app. Recently updated to e 0.18, but the problem still remains.

Did anyone have similar experience?

Hardware-wise, I’m on a fairphone 3.

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One reason this would happen is if your Contacts app did not contain all your known contacts.

When you open the Contacts app, do you see the contacts that you have previously saved?

Hi @aibd,

It is not a known contact, but it is a public number, so I should see the telephone number I am being called from.

Do you happen to be a Vodafone customer? What you describe seems to affect all or many Vodafone customers on the FP3 currently. Fairphone is working on it.

Hi, thanks for the tip. No, I am not on Vodafone, I am in an EU country. Perhaps different provider same problem.

Fairphone is working on it … how would their work filter through to e devices i wonder?

Sorry for not responding earlier, but I have to admit I simply wasn’t sure anymore about this.

However, in the meantime I remembered the information from a trustable Fairphoner and /e/ user according to which due to the partnership between Fairphone and /e/, firmware patches and changes get sent on to /e/. Actually a current issue with the FP3 reminded me of that: FP3 users currently report about problems with automatic brightness – both under Fairphoner OS and /e/OS (at least I myself have the same issue under /e/OS). The issue arose from Fairphone’s attempt to actually improve brightness because users used to complain about too strong brightness even at the lowest level.

Hello, a lot of times the numbers of incoming phone-calls on my Fairphone 3+ (e/OS) are “unknown”, even if the same users are shown as numbers/username on my Iphone. Does anybody know this problem and is there a workaround?

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Perhaps check out this post (other posts come up in a search)

Unknown Caller ID (edit previous link same title)

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