Camera switch issues on OnePlus Nord

Hi guys, I’ve been using the device for a month and for now I haven’t had any problems, the battery lasts a lot and everything runs smoothly, apart from one thing, I have camera switch issues. Both with the original app and with OpenCamera. When I want to switch from one camera to another more than once the app crashes and a green screen appears… and I have to restart the app… doesn’t this happen to you?

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I forgot, I have version /e/OS Q-stable 0.19, now I have seen that there is an update to 0.20. I try to do it and see if the problem goes away.

The error is always present even after the update.

Hi @sceriffo, yes I did have this issue with a Samsung. On my device using e0.20 the Camera app is OpenCamera 1.48.1. On F-Droid OpenCamera offered now it is 1.49.1.

In my case the available 1.48.3 did not seem to sit well with default, so I uninstalled

The newer version seemed an improvement.

I found Simple Camera more simple.

Sorry if I didn’t answer earlier.
Thanks for the info.
I tried Simple Camera but I don’t like it. And you can’t switch cameras…
e/os 0.21 should come out, let’s see if it solves this problem.

Freshly installed e/os 0.23 on my new OnePlus Nord (AC2003) and the problem is still present.

The best experience i had so far is with the sideloaded app GCam. But there are also some features not working or causing a app-carsh. At least you are able to switch cameras and get a descent picture quality.