Can App Lounge fully replace F-Droid?

Just noticed that within App Lounge I now see also F-Droid apps.

Does it now replace F-droid (the app) and I can remove it? Are there any downsides?

How does App Lounge handle apps that have different versions on Google Play Store vs on F-Droid (Nextcloud apps, Matrix’ Element and FairEmail come to mind).

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I think it can for the average user. If you have added extra repositories to F-Droid or plan on it, then you’ll want to keep it.


Thanks. I think this covers my main question, but will leave it open for any further comments as well as the second question.

Also do I understand correctly that an app from FDroid can be updated on either FDroid or App Lounge and there should be no clashes?

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I personally try to only update an app from the app stores I downloaded them from. I’ve never experienced an issue from a cross app store update, and don’t think there would be. Me only updating from the app store from where I downloaded it is all my personal preference and not based in any research I’ve done.

I would prefer to keep the two stores separate, given the Google activity that goes on just from opening and using App Lounge.

See this comment of mine, as an illustration.

I imagine some of the connections are “legitimately” needed to access Play apps, but why go that route if you can get F-Droid apps cleanly? I haven’t tested acquiring F-Droid apps from App Lounge, so maybe there’s less background activity in that situation…I don’t know.


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