Can I go back to previous version?

using /e/OS 1.9-s-20230310268290-stable-FP3 on FP3 - I’d like to go back to Version 1.8.
Are there help/instructions as to how to do this?
Version 1.9 doesn’t allow me to use the finger-print reader to unlock. Input of a new finger-print works, but when I try to unlock there’s no response. Sorry I couldn’t see how to put this on the response-list for V1.9.
Or any work-arounds???
Thank you!

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The instructions for a new install via command line apply (I suspect the Easy Installer would install 1.9 again at some point, if not now), your data will be wiped …

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After deleting fingerprints and a reboot, the fingerprinting works fine, thank you!
Also battery consumption in 1.9 seems to be lower than in 1.8