Can I install /e/ on Galaxy Note 10+ with TWRP?


  1. As the title of the topic says - I am wondering if it is possible to install /e/ on the Galaxy Note 10+ (d2s) with TWRP. I have used TWRP before on other phones and I am familiar with it.
    The ‘howto’ link for samsung phones in the /e/ installation instructions document for Note 10+ leads to further instructions that include using of TWRP as a simpler alternative to adb.
    However, on the XDA forum the developer of LineageOS version for this phone is advising against using TWRP for installation due to risk of losing data. I am not so worried about losing data since I will completely format the phone anyway, but I don’t want to break something else. Does anyone have any experience in this? Is it ok to use Lineage recovery then?

  2. The phone is running Android 11 and I am about to install /e/ version S (Android 12). Do i need to update the phone before installing /e/? I am worried that the phone will install Samsung’s own A13 (yes, they made it) if I try and update and then I will not be able to ‘downgrade’ to version S of /e/.

Thanks for any advice in these matters!


  1. You can use “recovery-e”

  2. To install “e-1.6-s”,
    you need samsung (android 12) “N975FxxxxxHVGA” or older

Thank you kindly for the answer, very usefull information! I have few remaining questions:

  1. Can I install e-recovery with Odin?

  2. You write that the phone should have installed Android 12 ‘or older’. Do you mean I can leave the Android 11 that is installed, or you mean older build of Andriod 12?

  1. Yes, you have to convert it to .TAR

  2. I mean or older android 12 based Samsung Firmware

Ok, I think I now got all answers I need to get on with it. Still a bit curious if TWRP would work but I am not going to push my luck. I’m not even sure it would make that much of a difference, I’ve just been working with it for several years…
So I’ve just updated to A12 as a first step and will continue tommorow.

Thank you so much for your time and knowledge you share with us others!
Best regards!

So check now the Android Security Patch Level (in settings, about phone, android version, security patch level) what is its date ?

I don’t have the phone with me, so i can’t say about the android version and the patch level. I was thinking of continuing during the weekend.

But wait, what if i have the A12 version newer than the one you wrote? I did the OTA update, didn’t mess with Odin, so perhaps it chose the newer version of the one you mentioned. What then, do i download and flash that one you wrote about or do i risk to break something?

Samsung is nearly unbrikable


I haven’t succeeded with that yet, i hope i won’t start now… :smiley: