Can I use /e/ Browser on Linux Ubuntu?

If it is a Yes can you please explain how to do it ?

How are you running Android in Ubuntu? Using an emulator?

Hello nope I just love /e/ browser

I would think you will need some sort of Android emulator running on your Linux box to be able to install an .apk and run an Android app.

You can install “” as your default search engine, ?

Find a privacy oriented linux browser, witch is chromium based. ? If you are attached to bromite

Thank you @piero :+1:

You can have a look to Iridium browser

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But i prefere Firefox with a customized user.pref and a handfull addons on desktop

On Android fennec vor bromite, if it should or must be chromium
/e/ Browser is a bromite fork

I’m fairly sure Fennec is based on Firefox not Chromium

I agree but many website Dev tests only chrome so I need a privacy first chrome ungoogled

Then try Iridium browser

What about all a new /e/ OS for laptop :smirk:

/e/ is Android. Not a desktop OS

But in Windows 11 you can run Android Apps.
I would never do that. But for you, maybe it is ok

Like mentionned before I use Ubuntu. I don’t use :
thanks to /e/ and is community

Yes /e/ is android but think about chromium OS devices, such as Chromebooks laptop. They support Android apps