Can someone help me please with installing eos on my phone?

Thanks for the reminder.

But i tryed both versions and id don’t know what i am doing, but this doesn’t seems to work.

At first sight it seems you spelled the line command wrong. According to the online help it should be fastboot flash vendor_boot <vendor_boot.img> and you did fastboot flash <vendor_boot.img>.

Sorry, but i don’t know what to do anymore.

If i use the command: fastboot flash vendor_boot i’ve got the message: Waiting for device…

Waiting for what?

It would be better if there are some people who can help me out with this, without spending 350-600 euro to buying a a phone from eOS. i don’t have the knowledge to fix this.

Trying to help you out indeed :wink: I also noticed that you typed the fastboot command in a directory where there was no image. You should type it in \C:\eos 1.8 instead of \C:\.

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Thank you that you wil helping me out.

But i’ve try that also. Now i am trying the same on my linux ubuntu laptop.

In the bootloader i can select START, Restart bootloader, Recovery Mode, Power OFF.
When i select START, Android start running and my phone is connected with adb devices.

Then i type the command: fastboot flash vendor_boot i got the same answer:

< waiting for any device >

What do i wrong?

it seems that i do exactly wat they tell in the install guide.

You cannot issue fastboot commands on a running Android.
You choice should be “bootloader” from previous screen.

How do you mean?

When i power off the pone and then hold up Volume up/adown+Power…the bootloader starts with the screen in the picture. With de volume up/down i can only select:

START (starting android)
Reboot the bootloader (gives the same screen)
Recovery Mode (i can select fastboot)
And power off

Also, you should be aware of:

I don’t know this device, however from your last post it seems you’re already on bootloader.
From your previous pictures it is unlocked, so I’ll go for a communication problem with PC.

You can check if any device is connected with fastboot devices.

Sorry, I can’t help more without the device in hands :frowning:

Maybe this one should work?

No that do not work.

Then my phone is not connected as you see…

From this screenshot I see that you miss the file name. It should be fastboot flash vendor_boot vendor_boot.img.

Try running it with sudo: sudo adb reboot bootloader, sudo adb sideload.

I really think about to smash my phone out of the window.
Now it only restarts in the bootloader and even i cannot power off the phone.
Starting in Recovery Mode is also not working anymore.

I’m done with it.

Thank you for helping, but the only way is waiting that i be able to buy another eOS phone on the Murena Store. This Zenfone looks dead.

If you’re willing to send it to me I’d be happy to try (without any guaranteed success).


Your photo show the device in mode fastbootd not fastboot

Michiel we can help if you want. Step by step

Thank you for helping mee and i am very satisfied that my phone now runs eOs!!!


@MaMaTT88 has fixed the phone for me. just waiting to receiving the phone back to me.