Can you downgrade to an an earlier stable release?

I mistakenly updated a pre-installedGalaxy S7 on the current stable channel without trying to save the image it came with, and the current one has problems the original didn’t. Is it possible to downgrade to the previous image somehow? I could presumably try an older dev release, but there aren’t many in the list, and I assume that would throw the phone off the stable channel.

Sadly the builds of the stable branch aren’t publicly available.

And yes indeed, don’t flash a dev build if you want to stay on the stable branch.

What’s wrong with the last update ?

I think they are. For the Galaxy S7 (Herolte), e.g.:
filePath: twrp-3.2.3-0-herolte.img


I don’t think it has been advertised but thank you for the link.

these links are from the /e/asy installer code

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Eagle eye @Rik - great!

/e/ OS ROM “stable” isn’t so much different or better than /e/ OS “dev” version and often lags behind the publicly available /e/ for herolte dev (nougat) version in actuality.

I wonder why the TeamWin - TWRP Recovery version 3.2.3-0-herolte from 2018-07-30 is used in the /e/ OS Installer, although the perfectly working version twrp-3.3.1-0-herolte from 2019-05-20 has been available for quite some time.

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Yes, but latest stable image is what I have. I wanted the previous one.

the link that @archje has posted has the previous versions for you:

@Rik, the Galaxy S7 “herolte” knows two different /e/ OS ROMs: »dev« and »stable« branches.

@loveshack, get in contact with @alexis /e/ support and ask for a previous stabl/e/ OS ROM.

yes I know, but if @loveshack wants an older version, then he can pick one from the dev branch right? The dev branch is very stable, it’s the ‘stable’ branch for all phones except S7, S7edge, S9, S9+

Yes, he can, but then he is away from the stable branch, which is common on premium refurbished /e/ phones.

The dev branch isn’t a bad choice, as it is usually updated slightly more often than the stable branch. But there are enough /e/ users who care about the stabl/e/ version.

the link that @archje has posted has the previous versions for you:

Which are not the stable channel. But never mind, a new OTA version has
just appeared.

@loveshack, get in contact with @alexis /e/ support and ask for a
previous stabl/e/ OS ROM.

Thanks, but I’ll try the new one. (I didn’t raise issues before as it
sounded as if work had stopped on the nougat version.)


May I ask how to save the current image?
Or better, how to perform a full backup (system, settings, apps, data, images, SMS… in a word, everything) so that it is (easily) possible to restore the device?

Maybe it is a silly question, but I am not familiar with flashing / images / TWRP and so on (and due to my limited knowledge, it was not so easy to install /e/ on my Sony XA2), therefore any advice would be welcome.

Thank you in advance

Try« date/name of the wanted build »

For example :

Hello @sonyxa2,

make a Nandroid Backup in TWRP (system backup) to the external microSD card, backup of your personal data is also useful.

TeamWin - TWRP

(« date/name of the wanted build »

Yes, if you know the filename – which doesn’t correspond to anything in
dev, as the next thing someone will recommend. Anyhow, I’ve updated,
and will be more careful in future if I don’t have a good image to
revert to. I wasn’t asking maintainers to publicize anything like that,
by the way.

I really thank you very much archje for the answer and the links.

Nevertheless, due to my very limited knowledge, I am a little bit worried when I read what is NOT included in a complete TWRP backup … since reading the articles does not really address my questions … what is included in personal data (SMS, whatsapp chats, calendar entries, system settings? I can easily copy Photos/videso/contacts out of the smartphone, but I am afraid of losing whatever the rest is), and what TWRP can do if there is that so called “/data/media storage” (I have not understood if it is the case for the sony XA2) and “A/B slots” (which is the case of Sony XA2)? Could ADB be an easier and feasible solution to get a full back up to restore in case of issues?

As you may understand, I am a little bit lost, due to my lack of knowledge…Is there a post/website where this topic is easily explained in detail for unexperienced users?

Thank you in advance

Hej @sonyxa2, a NANdroid backup via TWRP Recovery is responsible for the system backup. This means that the system important partitions /Boot /System / Modem /IMEI are backed up, so that the /e/ OS ROM can be restored if necessary.

Personal data stored on the partition /data, e.g. photos, e-mails, SMS, etc. must be backed up separately. There are several ways to do this. One universal tool for Wind°ws host machines is Acronis True Image for mobile devices. Data backup and transfer can be done with Smart Switch for Samsung devices. I can’t say anything from experience about Sony devices. Data backup via ADB is possible. Whether it is as easy to do as you pretend - I’m sceptical.

The Sony XA2 isn’t a classic a/b device but a Hybrid Dual SIM Slot Device like the ones available from Samsung. Well, when we talk about the Hybrid Dual SIM slot, in short, it means that of these two slots, one slot is used for SIM card, while the second slot can be used either as SIM or SD card.

There is a wealth of information about this on the WWW. Further explanations would go beyond the original topic of this thread, wouldn’t it?

thank you very much archje :wink: