Canadian Samsung S5 Neo SM-G903W - stuck on boot screen

I will try again and wait an hour of just seeing the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo screen.

To me, the build might be a potential avenue to pursue.

TWRP old and new seemed to work (able to reboot, able to issue adb sideload command, able to install zip on sdcard). I could also try installing with Odin.

Will keep this post updated when I have time to test those things.

Thanks for your ideas.

I encourage you trying to install lineageos to be sure /e/ is the problem and not your device.
( use their recovery) If it works try to install /e/ with it

You have to format /data, not wipe, when changing the OS to another build lignee, or changing android version grade.
then reboot to recovery and wipe /system,
Finally install the new OS and wipe /cache, and /dalvic-cache

I waited for a couple hours but it was still stuck on the Samsung Galaxy S5 neo boot screen. Nothing changed.

I did as suggested above. No change to stuck Samsung boot screen after an hour.

I installed Lineage recovery lineage-17.1-20210905-recovery-s5neolte.img using heimdall:

heimdall flash --RECOVERY …\lineage-17.1-20210905-recovery-s5neolte.img --no-reboot

And then in Lineage Recovery, installed from SDCard. I couldn’t see any wiping data options in Lineage Recovery, so I didn’t do any. —> seemingly stuck Samsung boot screen.

I could try again to see if Lineage would boot, if someone knows how to wipe the appropriate partitions using the Lineage recovery.

Edit: I did find the format ability in Lineage recovery via Factory Reset: format system, cache, data. Now try install from sdcard. → reboot → waiting on stuck Samsung boot screen to see if it will progress at some point (I’m not going to wait more than an hour)

Don’t wait more than 2 minutes on the Samsung logo…

Waiting 5 or 20 minutes only make sense if you see the / e / logo bouncing animation !




Could you flash back to latest Samsung firmware using Odin on a windows PC ?
( or having a Heimdall firmware package ? )
( or create one with TWRP embeded ? so, no need to boot on Samsung OS ! )

I think this is the solution. I just talked to someone who successfully flashed G903W with LineageOS. He looked at my situation and said that I had to flash it with the highest Samsung stock firmware.

He said that I needed that version’s baseband before I could install a custom ROM on that phone.

When I get time and find the correct Samsung stock rom, I will give this a try.

What is your country ?

I’m in the Chinese-Communist run lands of Canada

So, 15 Canadian software variants for this same hardware, (enormous, in France we have max 5 different, general case is 3 per device).

BMC Canada (Bell-Internet)
BWA Canada (SaskTel)
CLN Canada (Clearnet)
ESK Canada (EastLink)
FMC Canada (Fido)
GLW Canada (Wind Mobile)
KDO Canada (Telus, Koodo, Rockhopper)
MCT Canada (Mobilicity)
MTA Canada (MTA MTS, CTF Cityfone, TBT Tbaytel)
MTR Canada (Metro PCS)
PCM Canada (Bell-Internet)
PMB Canada (Public Mobile)
RWC Canada (Rogers)
SOL Canada (Bell-Internet)
SPC Canada (Telus, Rockhopper, Koodo)
TLS Canada (Telus)
VMC Canada (Bell-Internet)
VTR Canada (Video Tron)
XAC Canada (XAC carrier free)

G903W Factory Firmware XAC ( 4 files included userdata )

G903W Update Firmware XAC ( 1 file without userdata )

I am stuck in similar place. What I get however is that the phone reboots in recovery mode instead of hanging on the bouncing ‘e’. I am able to install/run properly an older build I found here:

Looks like there is a defect logged, but I am unclear if it’s specific to this case or a general problem for the NEO 5.

Somebody was able to use one of the latest official builds?

Are you sure you perform a format /data and rebooting to recovery during the process ? (even after install, it is efficiency)

No luck. Still same behavior. I get the bouncing e for about five minutes and then the device restarts in recovery mode (In TWRP UI).

Please try using the “recovery-e” (installable by TWRP)

OK digging, I’ll let you know.

Well, I installed the latest recovery image using TWRP. My phone starts and goes dark when launching in recovery mode. I have to remove the battery so the keys get responsive again. I reinstalled TWRP and retried again with the same results.