Can't upgrade past 1.7 OS

I guess I’ve been so busy with life I haven’t checked the underlying cause why, but my e.os on my Pixel XL won’t update past 1.7. Refreshing reveals nothing new and the last download was January 11th.

Has the e.os foundation abandoned updates on the Pixel XL or have I run into a glitch?

Thanks for your help

Do you have Marlin (Pixel XL) or Taimen (Pixel XL 2) ?

Which version of /e/OS do you use? Q,R,S…?

Sitting on e/OS 1.7-r.20230111250687-dev-coral

You’ll have to upgrade to Android 12 (S), Android 11 (R) is no longer supported by /e/.
I’m not aware of the exact procedure for this device, maybe some owners can help you.

That depends on the device, only 1 version per device is being further developed.

In this case : only /e/OS S.

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Does anyone have a clue how to update a Google Pixel 4XL to “S” version compatibility?

Whenever I use the easy installer and follow the directions, I’m only ever given e/OS version: 1.7 r-20230110250404 -stable-coral

The install guide for the Pixel 4 XL says it has S compatibility but there is no image I can select. Please help!!!

You may have to use manual install method.