[Cloud feature request] enable Nextcloud's Forms module

I just found out on another instance of NextCould that there is a Forms module that enables organising all kinds of surveys.
It is a useful feature in itself - additionally, any survey created by a user will increase brand awareness (or at least domain awareness)

I hope it is easy to implement and will be available soon :slight_smile:


Sorry to dig up an old thread but all of the others seem to be locked. Anyways, any news on enabling the Forms on the ecloud?

I am also very interested in that feature!

Just for everyone’s information. Forms has been introduced into the /e/cloud. I don’t know when it happened but it’s there, albeit it’s in beta. But so far, so good! Have tried sending out a test questionnaire to few people I know and they had no problems with receiving and filling it. I had no problems with looking up answers.

Thank you to everyone who enabled this module and made it work.


Thanks for notifying us on the conversation! :grinning:


Yes. You need to go into account settings of your @murena.io account and then go look through them. There should somewhere be the option experimental where you can tick that you want to participate in the beta program. For reference, look through the screenshot attached here.

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Another (longshot) request. Add /e/cloud to Yunohost and/or Freedombox

On the weekly news. Looking forward to trying it :slightly_smiling_face:


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