Create an Image as Backup from my Fairphone 4 e/ with all data and settings

Moin (Hello)!

After finally finishing editing all settings on my fairphone 4 (with e/ os), I want to create a backup [like you can do on computers OS+Data+Settings with clonezilla].

Do you know a (free) tool where you can create an image like that, that i can easy restore my phone with ALL Data, OS, and settings to this actual state?
(Like with clonezilla, which is very easy and comfortable, but for my fairphone 4)

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Nope, not possible on the Fairphone 4 at the moment, and a weak point in general in all of Android.

If you want to get close to that, currently you would need

  • an unlocked bootloader (did you lock it? Unlocking it again would wipe your data) with the accompanying security implications
  • a TWRP build for the Fairphone 4 (you can follow proceedings here)
  • TWRP support for decrypting the data partition (which seems to still be missing currently, and is not guaranteed in TWRP anyway).

The unlocked bootloader would enable you to boot TWRP, TWRP would enable you to
easily make backups of the relevant phone storage partitions, but TWRP most importantly would need encryption support to include the data partition in the backups.
Then keep in mind that TWRP doesn’t backup Internal Storage, but e.g. supports MTP to let you copy it via USB.

When all requirements can somewhen be met, though, you can come close to what you want.

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Neither very comfortable, but at least it should help to be able to backup and restore most of the data needed (prerequisite is also an unlocked bootloader):

you can create a boot image using Magisk, boot this image (without installing it) and use Titanium Backup for doing the backup and if needed the restore.

Thank you for all your suggestions!

I am feared by unlocking the bootloader, because i tried it and yes, all my data went away …
Which is the critical step which erease all data?

fastboot flashing unlock
fastboot flashing unlock_critical

I dont want to spend x hours again to set/edit all my apps and data …


Both commands initiate a factory reset (i.e. both erase all data).

Edit: but anyway for the ideas mentioned above “only” fastboot flashing unlock is needed.
You’ve to use the other command in case you want to flash (some) system partitions.

In case your bootloader is locked the best way to do a backup is imho to

  • copy all data from internal memory (using e.g. usb connection to a PC; or use MyPhoneExplorer)
  • use backup functions of all important apps
  • use seedvault backup
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