Current critisicism about /e/ os

Hey everyone, i don’t know if i am on the correct forum for posting this so don’t hesitate to move it.

On both the fairphone community forum and the /e/ os one i have found some commun critisicism.

They even have a list :

Maybe this list can help /e/ os developpers for improvement ? Of course if they are true.

Whats your opinion on thi, specially on the webview security issues ?

Bien Cordialement.


good list and reference point, but not every item on that list has the same weight. I personally don’t care about devices going EoL or the VoLTE stuff - you start out as an industry hostage when buying the device class.

browser/webview: if you follow the repo, it is getting some build automation that was missing to date. When it’s done I’d estimate the component not lagging on upstream anymore.