[CUSTOM BUILD][PIE] all LG G4 models: F500,LS991,H810,H811,H812,H815,H819,US991,VS986

Device info (for the official unlocked models):

All other models, including region based h815 models like H815-TR etc must be unlocked by UsU first.

XDA thread with all details and download links:


Hi, nice, but why ‘custom’ ? Have you changed anything one the rom sources ? Of not, that it is a ‘unofficial’ build.

I’m always changing bootanimation and Background and sometimes the launcher. That’s why my builds are ‘custom’ builds

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The OP at the XDA thread has all the details :wink:

Topic: Difference from pure /e/ or: why are the builds CUSTOM ?

but yes it actually is a custom build. mainly due to the removal of the /e/ appstore (FAQ #0 for the why)


Hello @steadfasterX,
I like something and how you do it. And your own OTA server - all the best. I wish you very much that your “gas station” is filled intensively by the users. What I do not like is your Gmail account in connection with your PayPal donation account. Okay, PayPal does not work without Google, but does it have to be a Gmail address as well?

Since I don’t have a LG G4, I visited the internet department store with the four letters and did some research. I can understand that the LG G4 Int. is sold at a higher price than the LG G3, although both look the same. However, I find it surprising that the LG G4 Int. is traded at the price level of an LG G5 Int. In your opinion, which advantages does the LG G4 have compared to the LG G5 Int.?

thx for your words :slight_smile:

you do not need to have a google account when using paypal. I just have that gmail addr exposed anyways so I prefer to use that one there. I can set my /e/ one instead if you feel better then :wink:
and … well you can already use bitcoin for a donation which gives you a complete anonymous way as well :wink:

EDIT: ok I’ve changed it to a google-free one now :wink:

besides the fact that the LG G4 is simply newer then the G3 it has better hardware specs and for sure a better cam. thats the reason why. To be honest I will never buy a LG phone again. Still hoping for a better option then what fairphone and librem offer but LG has faulty mainboards causing bootloops (search for ILAPO) for many of their phones including the G4 and the screen is draining bat like sh… other then that the G4 is a great phone bc you can completely exchange easily mostly everything of it when needed.
I have no G5 experience though.

Thanks for your individually formulated feedback.

I have a PayPal account, but no Google account. So I know from practical experience that using PayPal does not require a Google account. Nevertheless PayPal needs a connection to www google com, without which the PayPal security check when logging in to PayPal will not work.

It’s great that you have eased my bad feelings with a “google-free” email address.

Well, if the developer, who in my estimation is doing a considerable amount of work around the LG G4 device family, won’t buy a LG for himself anymore, I’ll keep my hands off it.

The /e/ Deive Roadmap indicates the effort to officially introduce two LG Gx e-9-pie and even to migrate a total of four LG devices to 9-Pie or 10-Q. These are good prospects for LG enthusiasts.

@steadfasterX, I wish you continued success and a happy hand in choosing your smartphones.

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