[CUSTOM BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Galaxy S4 - GT-I9505 (jfltexx)

I have tied to build a mormal eOS-Pie version. But a lot of devices are running into an ‘out of space’ error. So I habe created a minimal Pie version. I have removed most default apps, icl. MicroG. Now it’s booting.

If you want try it, you can download it here

a q&d test was done by @archje

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Hi @harvey186 ,
Are you able to modify PIT partition size as @Chimpthepimp did for the s2 ?

no, therefore I need a device at my hands to test it

@harvey186, first of all thank you for your work & time.

Your minimal eOS pie version for the Samsung Galaxy S4 - GT-I9505 “jfltexx” shows that a migration to /e/ OS 9-pie is possible. Especially with more time and some dedication in detail, the one or other hurdle can be mastered for sure. This is proven by very well working LOS 16.0 & 17.1 ROMs from developers I know.


The strongly app reduced “mini” /e/ROM (~ 415 MB) with its eight system apps also offers the chance to design a /e/ phone according to your own wishes. I also liked the fact that I don’t need to uninstall the weather app. I replaced the Che-Peace-Hippy animation with the e-boot animation. I like the original //r logo.

004 003

The e-0.9-p-20200601-mini-jfltexx also comes without microG components and is not microG ready according to the Signature Spoofing Checker. However, this 9-pie build can be made microG ready with the NanoDroid-patcher according to Signature Spoofing Checker. So nothing stands in the way of the installation of microG.

If you install microG with the NanoDroid-package you have the advantage that microG can be removed completely with the NanoDroid-uninstaller. All zip-files can be easily copied to the “jfltexx” via TWRP > Install.

The mini /e/ROM requires two essential app installations: Phone Dialer and SMS Messenger. Since I’m a fan of SimpleMobilTools anyway, I added these two apps and also the other apps from the same developer via the pre-installed F-Droid Store.

009r 007

To add some more /e/ feeling, I installed the foundation /e/ apps, browser and camera.

006 005

The “mini” /e/ROM e-0.9-p- has potential and should be further developed and maintained, not only to stand up to the LineageOS Project with its LOS 17.1 ROM, but to show what /e/ can do.

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:pushpin:: First contact please by PM emessage Primary supported devices: Samsung (all) + LG G3 / G5

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Even with changed partution size by pit file, you still have to integrate the new size in build sources, and that is actually the tricky part, with s2 it is possible because lineage OS sources have the changed partition size already included…

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what does that mean ? Do you advertise?

Advertising? No! I’m a private person.

I understand advertising as the distribution of information in public or to selected target groups by mostly profit-oriented companies.

I offer my help /e/ OS for user flashing. Unlike you not only locally …

… but by shipping worldwide.So far I 've helped people to get /e/ OS on their phone in Germany, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand - for free. Or what do you think?

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Ah, ok. Nice to know.

Do /e/ advertising?
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Yes, and I don’t like and I delete it always.

And I think it makes no sense, because people here are knowing that very well.

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The bootanimation.zip can easily be exchanged via TWRP File Manager → /system/media/bootanimation.zip

How do you do for shipping the devices? a package i wanted to send internationally got rejected due to battery being hazardous content… :frowning:

I send via #6

There is no uniform regulation on lithium batteries and lithium accumulators.

It always depends on the import regulations of the respective country.

The type of transport, i.e. road or air freight, is also an important criterion.

Depending on the recipient country, it can really turn into annoying work.

Hi, I have installed this minimal Pie version. I like it a lot.

In the > Settings Menu between > Accessibility and > OpenKeychain there is > MicroG. When I tap on it, I am redirected to the home screen. This is not a problem, but I would like to remove this > MicroG from the menu.

Where can I find the MicroG, that is, what is the full path to the string name=“MicroG”? I suppose the file extension is .xml

Glad to here that you like that rom. I would be happy if a would know where/how to remove this entry. I haven’t found any way in the moment