[CUSTOM BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Samsung Galaxy S9 plus (star2lte)

You can download the rom here

I have changed the bootanimation and background :slight_smile:

It’s not tested in the moment. Try at your own risc.
And finally, there is no maintenance. It’s a ‘one time build’, sorry :frowning:

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S7 Edge = hero2lte
S9+ = star2lte

Thare is a problem somewhere :slight_smile:

Huston we have a problem :slight_smile:

Thx for finding

The bootanimation.zip can easily be exchanged via TWRP File Manager → /system/media/bootanimation.zip

Is it possible to have the roomservice.xml file you use for both S9 please ?

This way I will have more example of working roomservice.xml, and I will build unofficial build every month for S9 and S9+. (If the builds work :yum:)

sure, https://del.dog/starlte_xml.txt

but you can’t use the sources out of the box. the device tree is for AOSP builds. So you have to change some sources the lineage rules :frowning:

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Which vendor version to flash for this unofficial pie build? Can you maybe provide a link?

Best is always when stock rom pie is on your device before flashing eOS