Dark mode unavailable on doc.e.foundation

When accessing doc.e.foundation website with Dark Mode enabled in my browser, that website seems not to respond in any other way expect to burn my retinas with a blinding shock of white…

Could it cool its jets?

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Working in Firefox 102.15.1esr (64-bit), Debian 11.

Interesting; I’m using Firefox 116.0.3 (64-bit) on Linux, which sadly is from a snap. I wonder if it’s Firefox? Other sites rendering Dark mode as usual. Anyone else able to check?

Well, I use the Dark Reader extension in Firefox. With that the site is dark.
However, with Mullvad Browser and ‘Website appearance’ set to dark, the site is bright white. So I figure I’d check out the ‘Manage Colors’ button to explicitly set a dark background. Alas, it did not work.
Might have to go with the extension if nothing else works.

Waterfox on Windows 11, no “dark mode” extension:

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Whilst Firefox’s own dark mode switch doesn’t work trigger this site into a dark response on the laptop, I also use DarkReader extension but on Firefox on my /e/Device and the site renders fine there. I’d rather not have to have both the software and a separate extension duplicating work.

I already raised this issue [Here]. I tried to set dark mode on Firefox and Brave browsers doesn’t work. It works on chromium.

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