Default Message SMS app fails to send photos

There is a bug preventing sending photos via text, both to single and group recipients with the default Message app. The failure error occurs when attaching either a pre-existing photo or taking a photo from within the app itself (from the left ‘+’ menu). The error message is ‘Failed to send. Tap try again.’ I’ve verified that the APN settings are correct.

When I use a different app - Simple SMS Messenger - photos are able to be sent to either an individual or a group. Note: after successfully texting a photo with Simple SMS, and then switching back to the default Message app, the sent photos are displayed normally in the Message app history/thread (as if they were sent normally with Message).

Experienced on 1.11-s
Moto One 5G Ace

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in the past, if messages / qksms failed to send photos via MMS it was due to the provider having smaller allowance on image size per message. qksms has a setting to lower the limit.

Simple SMS probably has the better applogic do determine the size or goes with a lower byte limit (wild guess).

Both Apps do use Android native message services, they’re a frontend - that’s why you see messages in all Apps


Makes sense - I recently set the attachment setting to zero compression (none) to test image quality, so setting it back to ‘Automatic’ seems to have resolved the issue.


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