Delete "Recently Contacted"?

Beneath “My Contacts” in the ecloud contacts app is what appears to be a group (although it isn’t under “Groups”) entitled “Recently Contacted”. With only a couple of exceptions, they haven’t been. Two of my own email aliases are included. I tracked them down to two old (one 5 years old) emailed event invitations where they were the other invitees. I have no idea why the system would have imported them, but my problem now is in expunging them. They are marked read-only. They are in an invisible address book “z-app-generated–contactsinteraction–recent” and if I try to change their address book, the move fails.

How can I dispose of them?

  • Settings | Acccounts - then click on the first one, your account
  • Account extra settings - choose the account again
    This should open a window with three tabs, ‘CONTACTS’, ‘CALENDAR’ and `WEBCAL’
  • On the CONTACTS tab, de-select ‘Recently contact’

Thanks, I’d done that on the phone, but it’s the web interface I’m trying to clean up.

ecloud admins would need to do this

Thanks, as I was coming to suspect. Although why the plugin hauled in contacts that were neither recently contacted by nor even known to me, but only fellow invitees from a 5 year old calendar event is perplexing. :upside_down_face:

you’d need to go down the bug rabbit hole for how that calendar event played into this.

I think one can make a case that “recently-contacted” confuses users and brings no benefit, no gitlab backlog issue is filed for this yet.