Deleting preinstalled apps


I have a general question:
I am using a Samsung S9 which has 2.0-r-20240506399511-stable-starlte installed right now.

This system comes with a couple of preinstalled apps which I am sure I will never need. These entail (I include the German names, as I am not sure whether I will hit the correct English translation):

  • Mail (Mail)
  • Tasks (Aufgaben)
  • Notes (Notizen)

Why can I not uninstall them? To me, they amount to bloatware. While there may be little bloatware when compared to an ordinary Android system, it is unnecessary nonetheless.
If /e/ is meant to be free and open source, why am I not allowed to uninstall these apps?
Is there any way to uninstall them? If yes, how?


there are countless discussions on this topic on this forum, please use the search bar…

you can delete them from your user profil and don’t see them anymore, but not delete them from the system.

you mean GogolOS !

so you are allowed to build your own version without those apps you don’t want…

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I receive a warning that deactivating them may lead to “unexpected behaviour”, do I need to be afraid of that?

i have edited my post to clarify…

Uninstall default apps - #29 by AnotherElk

Just give it a try as you obviously do not want to use it anyways - thus misbehaviour should not bother you … And you can just start the app again - in case it does.

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Alright, I did. However, it did not make them disappear from the - how do you call it? - front desk for apps? Just for the purpose of cleanliness I would like to free up that space, but deactivating them did not achieve that purpose.

So maybe I need to try to

How can I do that?

The standard Android way via ADB …

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Thank you, I will try that!

the answer is there :

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