Device storage full already

I am using almost all of the 30Gb of my Fairphone internal storage including:

  • Apps 4.6Gb, hard to reduce. Not sure why the /e/ app store uses 596Mb.
  • System 3.6Gb, OK
  • Other 20Gb. includes the internal shared storage that occupies 3.7Gb (according to my pc, through usb cable). I understand that this is where are my files are (like pictures and so on). It’s hard to reduce this part. What else makes these 20Gb?

Do you see any opporunites for me to free up some space?

If you’re on the OTA update channel and you have updated your system often: did you remove the old updates (or configure the system to do it automatically)?

Yes I update through OTA, have updated often, and never removed the old updates. How do I do this (and configure to automatically remove in the future)?

Settings->about phone->system updates
There you should find all old installed versions with a “Delete” link at the right. Tap it for each.
Press three dots at the top right and select “preferences”. Move the slider to the right (i.e. enable) beside “delete updates when installed”.

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That was it! Thanks! Now only 9.6Gb of my 30Gb are used! (only 1Gb in the ‘Other’ cathegory)

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IMHO “delete updates when installed” should be the default on order to to keep the system as simple and low-maintenance as possible for the common user.
@manoj : do you think it makes sense to file a “bug report” for this topic to at least bring it to the attention of the developers?

There can be arguments for and against this - Automatically deleting updates in a way takes away the right from the user. It is as if w/e/ are enforcing this and that is not good.
There can be situations when the user may want to re-flash the ROM. Then he / she would have to download the whole thing from start.
On the other hand a download which did not flash correctly the first time may also be corrupted / requiring it be re downloaded
The download using up valuable storage space can be a issue as we saw here.
There should be some checks in place - keep for 1 -2 weeks and then delete. / check if the subsequent download is working then delete maybe some options.

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One question: as /e/ gets better and better, isn’t the frequency of the updates going to slow down?

Yes. We will have a more spaced out release cycle. Once in a couple of weeks or monthly. Only if there are changes and enhancements.
To elaborate at present we have a very short build frequency- daily or once in 2-3 days. There are also changes which come in these builds. You can see the details in the changelog. Only these may be minor bug fixes or changes in the source code on the Lineage side.
Progressively we will be reducing the build release frequency - clump a group of fixes and enhancements together and then come out with the release.
This would also require a test build going out to select users who would test the builds and then ok them.

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