Disable /e/Cloud's automatic sync of Contacts and/or Media (Photos and videos)


To disable automatic sync of Contacts, Photos and Videos from your smartphone to /e/Cloud. It is turned on by default for ease of use as of yet. The following instructions will definitely help you keep it local.


  • A phone running /e/OS and configured with /e/ account

Let’s roll.

  1. Open /e/OS Settings to access Accounts settings

  1. Tap on your /e/ account to enter the Account sync settings

  1. In Account Sync settings, you can turn OFF for the Sync for ‘Address books’ and ‘Pictures and videos’ as seen in the image below.

Media and Contacts on your phone will not sync to the /e/Cloud any more.

Thanks for reading!


@manish, thanks for your continuous writing. :+1:


Thanks for motivation! :smile:

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I know that writing can be enjoyable, but it’s also some kind of work. And a thank you is the least you should get.

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I recently got into technical content writing after Linode paid for my Wireguard and VPN killswitch guides. I use to work for nordic VPN companies.

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Fine. We can still expect a lot, right?

And /e/ OS 9-Pie is for your Oneplus 5 - cheeseburger also on the way …

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That is just good news. Official /e/ROM finally! @thilo’s ROMs are no less in terms of stability and performance though.

@manish, Thanks for your guide, but I do not seem to have the switches next to the items to be synced. I am running /e/ 0.7-o-2020012438713-dev-pioneer on a Sony XA2 (H4113). I’d like to turn off any sync and see no way, can you help?

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Hi @Silvan same screen for me :thinking: on FP3

So weird since I post my message I got the switch available :sweat_smile:

Great, but how did you do that??
I was warned about my space on e getting low because it kept synchronizing all the stuff and I cannot seem to do anything about it.
Might Android 8.1 be to old to have this switch?

For me the solution was not at all obvious but worked: Settings > Accounts > Allow to synchronize data (or something like this, I have this in another language) ON. Then I get the switches to turn what I want OFF.

Its the most unintuitive thing ever to allow synch when you dont want it, because when you turned that OFF everything is synched by default.
What the fuck.

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