Disabling Mail app

Hi, is there a way how to disable the default Mail app?

My issue with it is that I don’t use it at all and it has configuration issues after setting up 2FA on murena account, so I always see a warning notification for. After couple of weeks, it’s annoying.

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It’s enough to disable the background synchronization of the Mail app (not related at all to the cloud, this means the synchronization between the Mail app and the mail server). There’s a single option in the Mail app in the Network section.

When you disable this background synchronization the Mail app will still be there but it behaves like completely dead. It does nothing anymore. Having this allows you still to use it (for testing or whatever), it can still receive mails, but you must then request the mail server manually.


Is it not possible to delete the email account in the Mail app? Or have /e/ butchered changed K9 Mail so that the /e/ email account cannot be deleted?

Thank you all, I’ll try @irrlicht’s solution first and if it doesn’t work I’ll give @AnotherElk’s a try

Any account can be removed in app’s Settings (use 3-dot menu when in “Account settings”).

That’s the way I use it.

It can and it’ll be back in the morning, I tried

Yeah, but then you don’t have notifications when mail arrives. Some people wait on answers…

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