Donated > than got deleted

Dear Team Members!

I’ve created my account at 2022-06-11 10:47 with my username: PizzaProgram . (Because I’m using it everywhere, like Github, etc…)

On Saturday (2022-06-18 14:28) I’ve donated 64 EUR through my private PayPal account.


Transaction number: 83313346PG458631U
(Using the Same email I’ve re-registered writing this post.)
(Maybe that’s not a very high sum for you, but it is ca. 12-16 hours of work for me to earn it back in netto.)

Wrote my first topic question about OpenVPN TAP/TUN on the same day.

Got deleted an our later without any notice, warning, question. Also my IP was banned.
(Lost all together 4 hours of my development time to write that topic and investigate why I was suddenly “logged out”.)

Checked again the terms of your forum, but did not find anything that would give any hint why did You do this to me?

Sent an email about this 3 days ago, no answer.

Can you please explain?

The system or moderators do delete spammer or users who violate forum rules. The system automatically flags some accounts which it considers as spam. At times, this automatic process flags incorrectly. That being said, I do not see any user named PizzaProgram or any OpenVPN post. if your IP is blocked, you should not have been able to access or create posts on this forum.
You can post again as you have done here, on the subject, if you still have the content.

Thank you for your quick reply!

I did not violate ANY forum rules. Checked twice.
Also did not spam. My question was purely technical related.
(I’m a high level programmer and IT engineer since 30 years.)

Because I’m forced to write this from one of my customer’s PC remotely.
My office IP is: []
Please check if it’s still banned.

I have responded to your query on the helpdesk as well. As mentioned, the system at times automatically flags some posts and user IDs. Your posts should not have an issue on the forum now. Pl ping me in case of any issues with site access.

  • I’m not allowed to send a PI yet.

It would be really great you could restore my topic text, because it took me hours to write.
There must be some kind of logs about that in a forum system so advanced like this.

I am assuming you mean send a personal message. That is because you are a new user and will be enabled on your profile after you spend some time on the forum.
Not sure the text can be retrieved. Will try and recheck. You can post a summary of what you had originally written in a new post.

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Confirmed: IP is not blocked any more. I’m logged in from my Office PC now :slight_smile:


Yes, sorry, misunderstood your “Pl ping me” words.

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