Download links to stable version

I bought a Galaxy S9+ and it came with the stable version of /e/ installed.

But on the download site for this phone ( I can only find the dev versions.

Where can I find the stable versions for download?


Hi :slight_smile:
If there are only dev versions, I guess it’s on purpose, so you won’t find stable versions.
But this may change thanks to this post, let’s wait for another reply.

Wouldn’t not showing the stable version be against the whole open source philosophy?

Also, what happens if someone like me who bought the phone from the /e/ foundation needs for whatever reason reinstall it from scratch? Then we are stuck with dev instead of the version we had before?

Yes I agree with you. If the stable version exists it means it’s useful, and if it’s useful it should be available for everyone.

Hi @saunite the stable version code base is the same as the dev release only with a further layer of testing to ensure all the apps on it are working.

And the stable versions are not available to download?

I currently have 0.7-o-2019110830012 installed on the phone I purchased from /e/, but on the download website ( there’s no version matching this exact same ID, the closest one is e-0.7-o-2019110830005, but since the IDs are not exactly the same I would believe they are not the same build.

Here the list currently on the download site for reference:


A complete system backup without root with TWRP Custom Recovery including EFS / IMEI on external microSD card can protect against nasty surprises. Select the entries Boot, System, Data and EFS.

Note: The EFS (Encrypting File System) file system contains all “important” data about device code (IMEI), security zone, product code, serial number and MAC addresses for Bluetooth and WLAN. All hash values of the system files are also stored there.


If necessary, the system backup can be restored via TWRP RESTORE.


For the topic “only dev versions” and the meaning “stable version” see e.g. several postings of @Manoj