Duo Mobile - Cant initialize "I have existing accounts"

Been testing out /e/ on an OnePlus 6T and overall been enjoying it. Seems like most of the tweaks and changes that I usually make, are baked into this Operating System, and its nice to have it all setup. The only thing that is preventing me to use /e/ as a daily driver is DUO mobile. I use DUO Mobile for work related tasks.

Usually when im testing out other OS on various phones, DUO mobile is a mixed bag whether or not its going to work. The way that I have gotten it to work is to back it up within Google Drive and there is a way within DUO Mobile to import it back in. The is accomplished by going to “I have existing accounts” from the main page of DUO Mobile. Here within /e/, it doesnt go into this option since it cant find / initialize Google Drive, which makes sense.

Is there a way to get DUO Mobile working within /e/? I understand its probably based on the mircog suite that /e/ uses. Are there alternatives that can be switched to after installation? during installation? I would hate to use the official software but its the only way if i want to continue to use /e/. I could reset DUO at work but i like the tweaking side of things as well too.

Dont believe there are any alternatives to use for DUO Mobile?

TLDR : Is there a way to get DUO Mobile working (using “I have existing accounts”) feature within app.

Phone : OnePlus6
/e/ Version : March 11, 2023 (1.9)
Android : 12

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if you use only the otp-based features of DUO, there are solid open source Apps. This thread is closed, but the top answer still holds true - 2FA app with no trackers?

Aegis has an importer for DUO - https://github.com/beemdevelopment/Aegis/pull/835 … but you’ll need a setup Duo on the device already to have something to go on. You could do this if you still have an Android with that setup.

TLDR : Is there a way to get DUO Mobile working (using “I have existing accounts”) feature within app.

if you want to find out where this breaks you run adb logcat alongside you interacting and seeing what call it fails on - but as you suspect this will probably be a google drive internal intent failing, just confirming what you already suspect. It’s not microg related if it’s a class outside the Play services. For microg+duo I see only one push-message related crash filed - https://github.com/microg/GmsCore/issues/1592

I’m not attached to an Org anymore that uses Duo, so regret to not be helpful there. There must be some export/import process (I see export buttons in the web view at Duo) - otp is pretty simple. There are some advanced features (webauthn fingerprint) that are beyond scope for Aegis though.

let’s bring your answer back into this thread:

Aegis doesnt allow me to import my DUO mobile account on another phone.

yes it doesn’t on another directly, it would need to happen on the same phone where DUO is already installed and has all account details - and the biggest caveat: you’d need to elevate to root for letting Aegis readout DUOs account database and migrate. That is a high bar I admit and probably not a possibility for your existing devices getting root.

The thing - otpauth url schemes encoded as QR-Codes really are no rocket science and many Apps can handle them. If DUO makes it hard to migrate, maybe migrate earlier than later. What is exclusive to DUO are webauthn fingerprints.

…, when trying to scan the QR code, it states that its not the correct QR code. Believe that the QR code that it wants is the one that I was first given - aka from the computer / account side.

if you mean the qrcode version of otpauth url schemes - if DUO can show them individually for export, this is what is universally accepted by other OTP Apps… I think this sap post explain otpauth urls well halfway into the article - https://blogs.sap.com/2022/02/28/securing-your-online-sap-account-with-multi-factor-authentication/

I have ran adb logcat while doing this but the output is outside of my scope.

yes, it’s overwhelming. Best done while interacting to narrow down the loglines