/e/ app store troubleshooting

hi all, great job on the app store!! it’s really amazing!!!
here some items for improvement:
I can’t seem to install Swiftkey keyboard (or its beta). On mote e, Condor, latest /e/ version. When i install Swiftkey it hangs on “installing” - there is also now way to ‘unhang’ it, like cancel. Reboot is only option, after which it is not installed.

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Hi @Rik, I was able to install both from the AppStore!!

Please can you raise a defect and log it on gitlab with all device details.

hi, OK then it is probably my phone, which is a bit older. Sorry i’ve been posting bugs here, but you’re right, i should post them on Github! will do so from now on,

Posting here is not an issue at all @Rik. What I was interested in knowing is if the AppStore is behaving differently on Nougat based /e/ ROM’s . My phone is running on the oreo ROM.

Hi Rik! Thank you for your feedback! Someone else seems to be experiencing a very similar issue to yours. Some apps seem to be failing to install on Nougat based /e/ ROMs. Could you please comment on that issue and attach any logs/screenshots you may have?

I have this issue on my Fairphone.

Ok. Could you please comment on the above mentioned issue too? Please attach any logs/screenshots you may have.

We are still on Nougat, Oreo will come soon on FP2 but I think Pie will be impossible on FP2 due to the old processor (a sustainable hardware issue).

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Why do you think so? As there’s LOS Pie for FP2 I think that’s also possible with /e/.

Because the most recent official downloads for Fairphone are still Nougat, not even Oreo.
Even for Fairphone Open
And even on the Forum there is nothing to be found
Exept this Lineage in Beta
Don’t know if it will really work good on Fairphone 2,
By the way: thanks also Lineage is G00gle

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There’s now a (test) Pie build for FP2.