/e/ in Quebec Canada ;-)

Coming from the IOS word, all my life (I’m 52), bought a MOTO E 2nd generation to try /e/ and I love it…Very nice experience.

I live in Quebec in Canada and OnePlus phone are either difficult to find or expensive so I was heading to buy a Pixel 3a “but” just discovered it could be challenge for a noobie like me to make it work… (I don’t like large / huge phone… I had a Iphone SE before moving to /e/)…

I worked all my life in technology, IT and internet business owner (managed AntiSpam service) and you did a good job with /e/ :slight_smile:

Continue the good work… I now need to go back to " do I buy the Pixel 3a " I had just found, used, to save the planet / resources LOL

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Hej @yoda67,

OnePlus phones aren’t among the cheap phones in Germany either. But they also offer a lot of high-quality technology for your money.

And four models (OnePlus 6 “enchilada”, 6T “fajita”, 7 “guacamoleb” and 7 Pro “guacamole” runs with official /e/ OS 9-Pie ROMs. And these four phones have a future, because the LOS 17.1 ROMs are under constant development. The /e/ Build Team will be able to fall back on this and build a v1 e-Q ROM in due course.

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I was a bit tired of shopping LOL and about to buy the Pixel 3a but i’ll google again in my market… Anghirrim on telegram also told me they (OnePLus) were good phones…

as you seem to know them well, any of them would be ok for me ? (6, 6t, 7) ?

I tested /e/ on a Moto E 2nd generation LOL and I just do not want to wait after clicking on an icon anymore… SO I suppose that even the OnePlus 6 would be " a lot better" ??

Tks for your time
Note there was very good review on the picture quality of the P 3a but I don’t care that much… It was just " cool"… And I had found some Pixel 3a at 180$ (some burned pixels) and 300 Canadien)… I am trying to buy " used ".

OnePlus and Pixel Phone are valuable smartphones. Pixel’s have hardware security mechanisms that you won’t find elsewhere. GOS takes advantage of this. That’s why in our family we have a Pixel 3 and 3a with GOS. To “play” and testing /e/ OS / LOS I prefer Samsung and LG G5 and LG G3.

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ok got it… Will may be give it a shot to GOS

But my main requirement was I wanted it to be small as I had an Iphone 4, 5, and my last one, SE… (something the size of my actual MOTO E was cool as a 1st test in the android world) DO you know of any " small size" good Android phone working with /e/ ? I don’t have a " tablet phone " LOL smallest as possible.

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Take a look at this thread → /e/ smartphone with smallest screen


Merci ! Très utile comme discussion

est-ce qu’un Galazy S4 mini est plus rapide qu’un MOTO E 2nd generation ?
Je ne my connais pas en processeur de mobile


je magainais pour un Pixel 3a ou ONePLus mais onePLus pas grand choix ici dans le used et pixel 3a, risque d’etre un peu compliqué pour moi. DOnc si le s4 mini est rapide en comparaison avec mon MOTO E 2nd generation, ca pourrait être une option

According to the device specs, the Motorola Moto E (with LTE) with Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset and GPU Adreno 306 should be slightly faster than the S4 mini. But I can’t say whether this will be noticeable in practice - because I don’t know. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating” is a saying with us. It does not cost a fortune …


@Manoj please take note, more takers of a small phone in the base /e/ line! @yoda67 please post a support post in the ‘small phone thread’ that @archje referred to :slight_smile:

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Le Moto G6 me fait de l’œil pour remplacer mon Surnia mais par co tre c’est /e/GSI…Pas trop grand, pas trop vieux, plus performant…

Bonnes recherches. Bonjour.

PS : Je me souviens (de deux chouettes séjours dans la Belle Province et de “cousins” bien chaleureux).

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I read the interested in ‘small screen’ phone part. The problem is these days vendors are building smartphones the size of laptops!
Maybe we should enter into a partnership with a vendor who can build us smaller than 6" smartphones with /e/ factory flashed on them. Actually there is some talks around this going on in EU but it is too early to finalize anything.

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no problems, I just bought a Pixel 3a that I like and will get used to.

I will install /e/ with some help of some friends I made here and on Telegram ( GSI install / treble device )

Slowly getting used to my new Pixel 3a " nice large screen " LOL

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