/e/, Nougat, Oreo, support and OTA updates

the efforts making for absolute safety and privacy working a bit late, it is welcome, world going on pie but we thinking about Oreo, do we wasting our energy in no men island? skip oreo focus stable pie which is battery conservative.


It would be better to just support new version as of now. Supporting old version will be just waste of resources and time. Regarding second question, i think it would be better to offer OTA. Many people who will use /e/ in future may not know how to flash properly or it is cumbersome for them, so it would be beneficial to develop OTA updates for new versions.


Only for Information, yesterday I have installed LOS16 on my main phone . It’s working much better than LOS15 and /e/-V1-beta. And I don’t go back to e til e is available as V3 (Pie)

I still think that the time for nougat is a waste time. All free resources should be used for Pie. Better to have a stable release of V1 for most devices and a V3 -beta for more and more devices.

Thank for your feedback Harvey186!
However, I doubt that people who own a device that cannot run Pie would
be very happy by such a move.

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Better to have a well featured first official stable version and build from there than trying to catch up the pace of a giant, nope?


I think Oreo is a better base option. It is noticeably faster and smoother than nougat, and just seems like a better overall experience.

Edit: I also think maintaining two branches is excessive and unnecessary. Pick the later and run with it :smiley:


Note that the number of new devices being supported by LineageOS seems to be reducing. Sticking to a single branch, e.g. Android 9 base, will significantly limit which devices can be supported by /e/ v1.0.

I know there’s an overhead in supporting /e/ on multiple Android bases, but for /e/'s mission does the Android base matter? Can’t all objectives be met regardless of whether Android 7, 8 or 9 is used as the base?

OTA prefered most by user for ease of use and update

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Same for me, PH1 would love switch to Oreo OTA. No need 2 forks for me.


I really prefer to have the latest version available, even if there’s no the latest android. :frowning:

I love to have Lineage 16 (unofficial) no 14.1 (official), by example.

Please bear in mind, that actuality of ROM and actuality of firmware depend in some (many?) cases on each other: Oneplus 5 (cheeseburger) /e/ 0.2 unofficial now available (Bonus: receives OTA updates)

I am afraid, if /e/ is lagging too much behind LineagOS or stock ROM, then the installation of /e/ might fail ever so often, because people would have to downgrade firmware beforehand.

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I would like to use oreo in my moto g4 plus and i think everyone wants to use oreo only not nougat so don’t increase your work give update for oreo and i don’t want to reflash it give it by ota update so that it will be handy for user easy to update and thanks for giving awesome rom

LineageOS for Oneplus 5 = ‘cheeseburger’ has now moved to Pie and requires firmware 9.0.3.

Will the Oreo version of /e/ (when it becomes official) work without downgrade ?

No it will not work. /e/ source code is currently not compatible with pie. For Cheeseburger currently the /e/ supported build is on nougat and the device will have to be downgraded to nougat specific firmware to work. This is the same for any device - the firmware will have to be compatible with the /e/ build version.

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Of course new version with new security and new possible features. I welcome Oreo to Nougat and Pie to Oreo.

My device is MIDO.
Is Oreo version of /e/ exist for me?


There is an unofficial version of /e/ Oreo for Mido existing: https://eota.digitalkr.am/builds/full/unofficial/.
It is provided by s.o. from the /e/ team. I am using it for more than 4 months now and can recommed it. I am still hoping the Oreo version for Mido will become an official build soonish.


Is a migration to Oreo planned for the galaxy S7 ?



Je pense que cela n’est pas vraiment bon de garder les 2 versions. Il est préférable pour les utilisateurs d’utiliser la version la plus récente.
De plus pour les mainteneurs cela demande plus de travail de travailler sur deux version alors qu’il est préférable de passer du temps pour optimiser la version la plus récente.
Pour le passage de Nougat à Oreo si possible en utilisant OTA tout les utilisateurs n’on pas envie, ni les connaissances pour effectuer les manipulations de changement de version.

Merci pour le travail effectué!


I don’t think it’s really good to keep both versions. It is preferable for users to use the most recent version.
Moreover for maintainers it requires more work to work on two versions when it is better to spend time to optimize the most recent version.
For the transition from Nougat to Oreo if possible using OTA all users do not want, nor do they have the knowledge to perform the version change manipulations.

Thank you for the work you have done!

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