/e/, Nougat, Oreo, support and OTA updates

In my opinion (and for my essential ph1) your should switch to Oreo. OTA updates would probably be easier for not experienced users, but if you manage to install TWRP permanently on mata, an update trough the recovery would also be fine

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I think the goal should be to make updating security and bug fixes as easy as possible for the average user. So there could be two ways to do this which is similar to Linux. You have the Long Term Release model, where you put out a major release (like Oreo or Pie) and then guarantee updates for 4 years or so. When Android Q comes out, then you are supporting updates for multiple major versions, which will drop off of support after a few years. But at least if Mom and Pop install the newest ROM they won’t be bothered with a major reflash for a long time.

Or you could go the Rolling Release model where you have one primary supported release and continually update easily to new versions. Once flashed Mom and Pop don’t have to worry about every flashing again on the same phone but will get upgraded to Q then R, etc.

Both options will require a certain amount of work but if want this for everyday people it should be a priority once we start getting toward final release stage.

I’m mixed on the idea of ceasing support for 0.1 if a 0.2 version rolls out. Bugs can be an issue, and there’s a familiarity that people get with a certain version that has to be re-learned with a newer version.

My only computer and phone use is with apple products, so I’m not in a position to consider what other updates by other operating systems can be like. The newer version of things is new, not necessarily better. I’ve been known to keep my computer on a slightly older operating system, and I’ve also become more hesitant before I update anything on my phone or tablet, as I’ve hear horror stories about data getting irrevocably lost.

I suppose my caution in discontinuing support for older versions is that new versions can sometimes have bad bugs that aren’t always readily apparent right away. Having an older OS still available strikes me as a fall-back in the event that something goes awry with the newer version.

As to OTA updates, I also vote yes.

Ah yes it had totally slipped my mind about Apple. True they offer iOS upgrades for each device to the latest version for many years, I still have a 5 year old iPhone which is on the latest iOS. You are right about the trepidation of doing major version updates! I usually wait for one or two bug and security fix updates after each major X.0.0 release before going ahead.

For Android you can usually expect to get one major release update by OTA. After that, usually 2 or 3 years no more updates.

I agree with most people here : can’t see the point in maintaining nougat, unless you have plenty of idle resources to keep busy :wink:

As to the update, I agree with Manoj : I’d rather have a clean flash to Oreo then OTA updates.


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I feel the team should not stretch itself any more thin

Stop supporting 0.1

Make the switch be an intentional action by the users during this beta stage - no need for OTA.

Many people make good cases here for continuing support of 0.1 - but I feel they apply to released products, not to tests. In other words, not to beta.

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The issue is that all devices can’t be easily supported with oreo branch. So for a while we need to maintain 0.1 branch for several devices.


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the best will be, porting oreo for all device which will supporting oreo. Tha’s what all e users are waiting for. If the original company oreo rom is available and e won’t upgrade to oreo the user will stop using e.


Yes of course, just need to have volunteer maintainers for each device.


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My use case for /e/ is a Moto G3 for which there is no Los 15.1, so I guess it will stay on /e/ 0.1 until you stop making it. At which point I’ll probably stop being involved with the project if the phone is still functioning as I don’t want to get a new one just for /e/ yet, I’m sure you understand.

To address directly you questions @GaelDuval:

  • Have an overlap of one month when moving a device from 0.1 to 0.2, if you can, or reduce builds on 0.1 to weekly when there is also 0.2 support
  • yes to OTA but remember you’re still in beta, we’re all volunteering to test /e/ atm, so don’t worry too much about it.

the efforts making for absolute safety and privacy working a bit late, it is welcome, world going on pie but we thinking about Oreo, do we wasting our energy in no men island? skip oreo focus stable pie which is battery conservative.


It would be better to just support new version as of now. Supporting old version will be just waste of resources and time. Regarding second question, i think it would be better to offer OTA. Many people who will use /e/ in future may not know how to flash properly or it is cumbersome for them, so it would be beneficial to develop OTA updates for new versions.


Only for Information, yesterday I have installed LOS16 on my main phone . It’s working much better than LOS15 and /e/-V1-beta. And I don’t go back to e til e is available as V3 (Pie)

I still think that the time for nougat is a waste time. All free resources should be used for Pie. Better to have a stable release of V1 for most devices and a V3 -beta for more and more devices.

Thank for your feedback Harvey186!
However, I doubt that people who own a device that cannot run Pie would
be very happy by such a move.

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Better to have a well featured first official stable version and build from there than trying to catch up the pace of a giant, nope?


I think Oreo is a better base option. It is noticeably faster and smoother than nougat, and just seems like a better overall experience.

Edit: I also think maintaining two branches is excessive and unnecessary. Pick the later and run with it :smiley:


Note that the number of new devices being supported by LineageOS seems to be reducing. Sticking to a single branch, e.g. Android 9 base, will significantly limit which devices can be supported by /e/ v1.0.

I know there’s an overhead in supporting /e/ on multiple Android bases, but for /e/'s mission does the Android base matter? Can’t all objectives be met regardless of whether Android 7, 8 or 9 is used as the base?

OTA prefered most by user for ease of use and update

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Same for me, PH1 would love switch to Oreo OTA. No need 2 forks for me.