/e/ on Fairphone 4

How can one not be ashamed to just write a sentence like that.
It’s free for you to TEST, and check the open source.

Then either the /e/ development continues to be paid by donations, or they will be bought by someone you don’t know, that will take decisions you don’t like (or even know).

‘surfing’ on pretexts like the quoted sentence doesn’t even mean you behave like a parasit : it just means you already have chosen the second option.

Given /e/ extreme dedication to independence and openness, this is an extremely sensitive point for me.


I wish they could give a trial version of e/os that could be unlocked for a fee.

I get angry with freeloaders. Try something for free by all means, none of us want to pay for something that is no good for us, but if you are happy with a product, pay for it! Developers, like us, have to eat!

With a well funded, os, we could have more features and a more polished product, everyone benefits.

Anyway, Happy Christmas to all who celebrate it.


From post i’ve read here and on mastodon it looks like somewhere mid january. Also they will be selling the FP4 from that time, so that seems like a good guess. Still a guess though


If you want faster development and more features - help /e/ to get a full time developer - support their Patreon goal and it will happen. Remember currently all the work /e/ do is done by unpaid volunteers:


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