/e/ On Pixel 2XL

Does anyone use /e/ on a Pixel 2 XL? Share the experience please.

Also, i would like to know if /e/ use a Mac Address feature, that every time you connect to a router, it changes your Mac Address.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Hi @Freedom , I am using it since the release of eOS 1.0 as may daily driver. For me it works reliably without issues. In the meantime I am using version 1.4 (monthly updates were available for the device).

I do not know about the Mac Address related question.

Cheers Raffael, i appreciate it.

MAC randomisation seems to be device specific. When available it can only be switched on from Developer options (tap 7 times on About phone > Build number to enable).


Thank you, i will try that as soon as i install /e/.

Did you do a repartition on your Pixel, to install /e/ (How To Re-Partition Google Pixel 2XL - YouTube) ? Or did you use a external drive, like a Pen Drive?

No I did not repartition or use an external drive.

An interesting video, thanks for sharing. This type of process is not currently used by /e/ as it is found that the full R build will fit current space. Where we have devices which will not fit the available partition we use a MINIMAL_APPS spec but this does not apply here. Repartitioning has been suggested on the forum here, I have felt it would be difficult to document, idk.

If you felt like checking the size before you commit you could start an adb shell, not certain if a root shell is needed (try first without) and find the free and available space with

df -a
and / or
df -h

on whatever is your current build.

Cheers. Busy days lately, but as soon as i try it out, i let you guys know how did it go. I saw some other custom roms options too, but none of them, reinforces the privacy issue, like /e/ does.

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Any luck? Im a fellow pixel 2xl owner looking into /e/. Currently running Calyxos 2.14.0.

Are you installing /e/ version R? Or waiting for the S release?

Would be interested to hear your methods to install this correctly


I bought my pixel 2xl second hand, and first installed Calyx on it, to do that I first learned how to unlock the bootloader for that device. After that I switched to Lineage OS before switching to /e/, and just following the instructions for the command line installation (Install /e/OS on a Google Pixel XL 2 - “taimen”) was working flawlessly for me. I currently have the R version installed and probably will try to manually upgrade to S as soon as the build is available, since if I understood correctly it will not be available as an OTA upgrade at least initially.

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One last question…

CalyxOS locks the bootloader. Will all the apps I use now with microg work the same on /e/?

Also is it common for people who use /e/ to root with Magisk?

Thanks again

Some of us need the root permission for some advanced featured apps,
Many of us have to use Shamiko and SafetynetFix modules to hide the facts that bootloader has been opened, OS is not the Stock one, Gogol Services are not present (even microG is), it is a dev custom build, for some sensible apps, especially Banking apps