/e/ on Samsung Galaxy S7 with android 8 Oreo

Dear community,

I want to install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S7 with android 8.0.0 Oreo,
Baseband version: G930FXXS7ETA7
Build number: R16NW.G930FXXS7ETA7

But I’m not sure whether I should. The available /e/ version is 7 nougat. And the /e/ documentation (https://doc.e.foundation/devices/herolte/install) still warns not to downgrade from stock oreo to /e/ nougat.

On the other hand an /e/ oreo was in preparation already 02/2020 (OS Upgrade - Volunteer Testers Required - Next Set of Devices for OS Upgrade - #20 by Manoj)

And successful changes from StockROM Oreo 8.0.0 to /e/ OS e-0.7-nougat are reported (Help installing /e/ on Galaxy S9 - #60 by archje).

What would you propose?

Thanks a lot!

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Hej, @Wuschel, install /e/ for herolte dev (nougat) now with Security paches March 5, 2020 or in the near future./e/ OS ROm e-0.9-o(ero).

Ok, thanks a lot for clarification! I will take https://images.ecloud.global/dev/herolte/e-0.8-n-2020041549770-dev-herolte.zip


Can you be more precise with “near future” ?
I know this is an annoying question, but I did not find any documentation on progress about upgrading to oreo…
May be, there is a GitLab with those informations ?
I’m expecting Oreo upgrade since 2 months :slight_smile:
So, don’t worry, I will be patient, it is just for information.
And to be clear, I am really satisfied with /e/ :wink:


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Indeed I say “very soon” for 2-3 weeks :yum:
There is no precise date. It will be released once it will be ready. Still in testing for now. But it will come very soon :wink:

Thanks for the answer !
Nougat starts to be a little outdated now, so Oreo will be great, even if pie should be awesome… But the S7 device is an “old” device now… to bad.
I would have been happy to help testing the Oreo ROM but the lockdown give not enough time…

Like you I’m just a /e/ user without access to internal /e/ information. The road map has been talking about migrating to 9-Pie for all devices currently supported by /e/ for months. When 9-Pie editions will be released, even @rhunault may not be able to tell you.


I can confirm there’s no problem flash from latest oreo stock to /e/ nougat.

Yesterday, /e/ 0.9 was out for S7. No Oreo but what’s new (before flash it…) ?

:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service in the area of the Munich (MVV) upon consultation
:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service by DHL HERMES mail order (Bavaria, Germany, European Union (EU)
:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service by DHL mail order (European non-EU state;)
:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service by DHL International other target regions on request.
:pushpin:: First contact please by PM emessage Primary supported devices: Samsung (all) + LG G3 / G5

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That sounds good. So that means that the Samsung S7 will run with Android 9, right? I am interested to order the S7 in the /e/-foundation store. When are you going to deliver the S7 with Android 9?? Currenty, you deliver it with Android 7 right?

Check this list while deciding which phone to purchase if planning to stick with /e/

Ok, thank’s for the link. Generally, that’s a good overview. I cannot find the Samsung Galaxy S7 though…So my question is still open: which android version is currently installed on the S7 you deliver?

I don’t think the “overview” was successful and rather irritating, compared to the weeks of “…working on coming up with a plan …” by the /e/ team.

The wording “We will be updating the device lists in case any device has been missed out in each category.” indicates in advance that not all devices are listed.

And so it is. Not only is the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not mentioned, but also the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy 6 Edge - neither in the list “Devices new and existing being upgraded to Pie or Q - once we have the /e/ Q code ready” nor in the list “Devices with end of official /e/ support”.

The latest “herolte” /e / OS (stable) is version e-0.9-n (Android 7.1.2) with build date 15.05.2020 and Android security patch level April, 5th of 2020.

A system update check that has just been performed results in the following message:

The update check failed. Please check your internet connection an try agin later.

Oh well, my internet connection is okay, but the test to download /e/ OS e-0.9-n (dev) using a notebook also failed with the following message:

The website is not available

The website at https://images.ecloud.global/dev/herolte/ may be temporarily unavailable or permanently moved to a new web address.

By the way: The (stable) version is used for the purchase version of the e.foundation devices, the (dev) version is the general version. Latest “herolte” dev version is e-0.9-n-2020051153544-dev-herolte.

The telegram group has been talking for some time about an official “herolte” Oreo test version (Android 8.1.0) with a build date of 14.06.2020, but not about a 9-pie version. In the current “nougart” situation I would not buy another S7 “herolte” as /e/ phone.

But the Galaxy S7 is still a good smartphone, as the results show other custom roms based on Android 9 (pie= and Android 10 (Q).

You can check the OS version in the table here

I really find it incredible that /e/ S7 are still stuck with the old unsupported android 7… The most surprising is that /e/ keeps selling this model and that an update has been anounced coming very soon months ago…
Now that months have passed, could we get an honest estimated time of arrival for the update to android 9 pie for the S7, please?
I think we are many waiting for that.


The Oreo build is under testing should be released ASAP. Need to initiate the Pie port.

Hi Manoj,

I read on the lineageos website: " WARNING: The Samsung Galaxy S7 is no longer maintained. A build guide is available for developers that would like to make private builds, or even restart official support."

So the development of the future versions will be carried out by /e/?

Development for the S7 is being done by /e/developers even now . As long as is supported we will do the development for it.

Thanks for this information

I am using the Samsung S7 with the preinstalled /e/-OS. Last week i have installed the latest update (0.10-2020081367788). Since i have installed this update, my smartphone has crashed five times. One time i was just surfing on the internet. I am using the Mozilla Klar browser…Another time my battery was low, then i activated the energy-saving mode and started loading it with the cable. Then it restarted without warning and asked me for my smartphone pin.

Do you have an idea why it keeps on crashing since i have installed the latest OS version? Do you have a solution?

Next Wednesday i will have an important call with a customer. I would like to use my smartphone for that call. That is why i am asking. Currently, i am afraid that it will crash throughout that call.