/e/ OS easy installer : build with gradle - flash scripts issue


As a member of the Mageia linux distribution, I have to compile locally. So I started by downloading the master branch on “git” (as a zip file). I followed the “build with gradle” wiki instructions : compiling worked fine. Now the installer can be launched. It detects my phone, downloads twrp-3.2.3 then the lastest e-latest-hero2lte. Yet at this point a "no flash script" error occurs !

Indeed, in the master branch downloaded zip file, the scripts aren’t present, whereas they are “visible” on the git web interface. But the flash script folder icon is red with a “?” ; it is the cause for that issue ? How can you fix that ? Will there be soon a “stable” version ?

Why is the version twrp-3.2.3-0-hero2lte from 2018 used and not the current TWRP for hero2lte 3.3.1-0 from May 2019, which works perfectly?

I don’t know, but please it is not the goal of this thread ! I don’t mind which version of twrp

I want to know how to handle the issue "catched exception java.io.IOException: Cannot run program “/home/xxx/e-installer/easy-installer-linux-x64/bin/scripts/wait-download.sh”: error=2, Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type "

I had the same issue, i copied the scripts manually. On gitlab there is a scripts repo link

OK thanks for the workaround !
Do you know why the folder is marked “red” on gitlab ? It is the reason why scripts aren’t put in the download zip ?
It is not practical to grab scripts from multiple sources. Any information or perspective about that for the future ?

If you build the snap package everything is fine. I did not investigate yet why the scripts are not copied when you do a gradle build and why the scripts folder is red.

I think I understand your problem now @choucroot

The flash scripts are a so-called git submodule. They are not cloned by default.
Easiest would be to specify --recurse-submodules in the clone command.
But you can also fetch submodules later, see https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Tools-Submodules

@Ingo_FP_Angel : thanks . In fact I know nothing in “Git”, and that’s why I didn’t clone, just “downloaded” via the icon :blush: .

How can I know that the folder is a submodule ? It is the color of the folder

It’s the “@” sign plus so-called commit hash that give away it’s a submodule.


OK. Thanks
So I have copied the flash-scripts into the easy-installer-master/flash-scripts folder, in order to have a complete local “clone” of the project.
then I launched gradlew => compiling is still ok. But as a result, in the final built easyInstaller-linux-x64.zip, the folder easy-installer-linux-x64/bin/scripts is not present. So after unzipping, I still have to manually create this folder in which i copy the scripts

Can you also notice that ? Something wrong with gradlew ? Or do I miss something ?