/e/OS for the Shiftphone 6mq

/e/ for Shiftmq would be so much better (and easier) to install as ShiftOS Light (no Google).

There is some hope, as there is LineageOS for this device already! https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/axolotl/

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Hi all,

Thanks to the eOS Team: Shift6mq - axolotl will finally be released with eOS ! :champagne: Just have to wait for release v1.0.

Hi all!

Thanks for the great work done by Murena. Everything works perfectly fine in my FP3+ since I bought it on the eSolution store.

@Manoj Do you know if the Shift6mq will be added to the list of supported device ? Or did I miss something and it is already ?

Thanks for your answer !


The Shift6 is not in our supported list as yet. By creating a post in this category, you have initiated the steps required to add it. The more users this request attracts, the better the chances of it getting an official /e/ build.

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Oh it would so great!

I’m for it as well !

(Does it work like this @Manoj) :joy: ?

Hi @Lobster, negative :slight_smile: it works better like this Search results for 'Shift6mq' - /e/ community then you find the devicecode [HOWTO] Find device codename and see if you happen to find a Lineage build for it. Is yours a this or different SHIFT SHIFT6mq (axolotl) - LineageOS ROMs?

Hi @aibd ,

Thanks for your quick answer. Yes, the Lineage you find is the right one for my Shift6mq (axolotl). But I don’t know 1) what to do with it and 2) what is a lineage is. Will look for it :relaxed:.

Hi @aibd ,

I went through the link you provided. I see and got the step (even if I never did this). But I don’t understand what I will have on my phone if a follow those Lineage os’ step on my phone. Will I get ride if Goo*** ? Will I have built an unofficial e/OS for the Shift6mq ? What would be the step to do so?

Thanks and don’t hesitate to redirect me to somebody else if needed!

I provided those links so that you could further identify your device then find out if it has been liberated already. You succeeded in both. You may need to do more reading on the subject of “/e/ OS is a fork of Lineage OS” if this is news to you!

You identified axolotl, so any potential builder now has links to:

You simply have to do more reading to answer your remaining questions, here are some pointers. "What is Lineage OS?" - plenty of other answers on the interweb. Why do you mention Lineage + MicroG?

If you were to install lineage.MicroG on your phone with a lot of reading here you might have something quite like /e/.

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Thanks @aibd for your complete answer! I went through all your reading this weekend and I “start” to “understand” how skilled people make to build a OS ROM. Even if it is sadly far from me :disappointed:. Don’t really know what to do next :thinking:

Ok, cool, reading is good. :smile: I can understand building a ROM is a step too far today!

I would ask are you ready to contemplate installing Lineage+MicroG, then installing a bit of a “looks like /e/” mixture of apps? This proposition will not be free of more reading!

If you were to do that you could decide your own app installer, you could check in advance if your download might include F-Droid, and you could consider firstly (one at a time I would recommend) apps from https://www.simplemobiletools.com/. (Later, you might check out his proposition that you can make a small donation as a thank you and whether you would find it attractive to be able to harmonize the look of you finished system.)

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I would, at least, be interested in trying to do it. I know it is time consuming but that fine. The only thing is that I hope I can use Windows to build it as I will not install another OS (I.e. Linux) on my computer. Finger crossed :crossed_fingers:.

MicroG is a must if course. The apps website you propose looks good and easier to built with but I will check out for all the available options (the bromite internet explorer vs their web explorer, etc).

Do you have any suggestions for going on with this idea?

You are saying “build” and I was saying “install”. Let me just point you to the install instructions!

The Lineage+MicroG installed system which you should take without Gapps will seem rather empty so you will need to be prepared to use some initiative to populate it (as I was mentioning above). You might use https://f-droid.org/ as your installer.


Hi @aibd ,

Thanks for taking so much time for answering and looking for links. That is very much appreciated :+1:.

To confirm, your first 3 links redirect me to the final same page :arrow_right: axolotl (microg.org), where I can find the Lineage+MicroG ROM to download for my phone ?

I will check what is Lineage recovery but I assume it as the system that permit to download and install the package on the phone ?

I’ve read that F-droid is coming right from the previous download as a default app installer and that’s fine for me.

How would you grade the system safety after afterwards ? Is it as safe as a standard OS will switching your phone for the first time ? I mean, regarding malware, etc… VPN, Browser setting will be another story to add privacy later on. Will I get system update OTA or shall I do it through all that process again ?

Thanks again !

Thanks for pointing out one error that I have now corrected :blush: while there is some duplication with our earlier posts the 4 bullets points above look right now!

As this is an /e/ forum it feels ok to try to help you make something resembling /e/ while you are hopefully awaiting a build for your device, but remember there are many, much more talented than me, working to bring the real thing - a degoogled system! When you roll your own you face all these challenges yourself. Your final three questions would need to be answered by more reading and trial and error (perhaps with an alternative or cheaper device).

Thanks for your quick answer and your guide. I’m supporting Murena ; I hope and believe in a better phone environment, as they do.

Let close this topic here ; as you mentioned, this forum is maybe not the best place to exchange such discussion :hugs:.

Thanks again :handshake:

Hi all,

Shift6mq - axolotl will finally be released with eOS ! :champagne: Just have to wait for release v1.0.

Thanks to the eOS Team :muscle: